Saturday, February 11, 2012


A few months back, it was announced that hiphop legend KRS One was playing several shows in Australia. The news story on that one mentioned he was travelling down here by boat (his preferred method of international travel) and his boat was stopping enroute in NZ.

A lot of hiphop fans went into overdrive on that news, pleading on Facebook and other social media for a promoter to lock down this one. And what do you know? KRS One is playing in Auckland and Wellington, in Apirl. BOOM!

ADDED Feb 23: Playing Wellington Town Hall April 20, Auckland (venue tbc) Apirl 21. Woop woop!

Printz Board talks about Kim Dotcom

Printz Board. Photo: Campbell Live
Printz Board - Black Eyed Peas and Kim Dotcom's producer (Megaupload Song) - talks to GeorgeFMs Nick D about the case.

He's been hanging with PNC and Vince Harder while in NZ, and says he has recorded 18 songs with Kim Dotcom.

TV3's Campbell Live talked with Printz Board on Wednesday. The interview is in Neil Finn's Roundhead Studio. He plays a demo of a song that Kim Dotcom wrote for his kids, called Precious. Watch the interview.

PREVIOUS POSTS: Mega what? Interview with Kim Dotcom, Youtube takedown of Megaupload song.

Ring The Alarm playlist, BaseFM, Feb 11

Bjorn Taske - Dub vendors
Henry and Louis - Love and understanding
Chinchillaz - Tiger
Butch Cassidy sound system - Brothers and sisters
Herbs - Dragons and demons
Family of percussion and Archie Shepp - Here comes the family
Elza Soares - Mas que nada
Truby trio - Carajillo
Billy Larkin and the Delegates - Pygmy pt1
Jimmy Castor Bunch - It's just begun
Ananda Shankar - Dancing drums
House party - Dangerous love
The Cage feat Nona Hendryx - Do what you wanna do - dub version
Pigbag - Papa's got a brand new Pigbag
Geraldo Pino - Heavy heavy heavy
Anthony Joseph - She is the sea
Woima collective - Marz
Mr Chop - Greedy G
Boogie down productions - Bo! bo! bo!
Jacob Miller - Westbound train
The Wailers - Black progess, say it loud
Hallelujah Picassos - Rewind - Roger Perry re-edit
Dub traffik control - Fresh prince of babylon
Harry Beckett - Rise and shine
Ninjaman and Flourgon - Zig it up

Friday, February 10, 2012

My spine is the bassline...

Trevor Jackson presents - Metal Dance:
Industrial, Post Punk, EBM Classics & Rarities '80-'88

A swag of dark machine funk, as the blurb calls it. Some great tunes in here... Compiled by Trevor Jackson... out Feb 21.

Out February 21st 2012 on Strut (2CD/2LP/Digital)

CD 1
1. The Bubblemen – The Bubblemen Are Coming
2. 400 Blows – Pressure (Club Pressure)
3. Cabaret Voltaire – Seconds Too Late
4. Neon – Voices
5. Pete Shelley – Witness The Change (Dub version)
6. Executive Slacks – The Bus (EP version)
7. Analysis - Surface Tension
8. Nitzer Ebb – Control I’m Here (Clouston’s Controlled Edit)
9. DAF – Brothers (Mix Gabi)
10. Portion Control – The Great Divide (Dub)
11. Stanton Miranda – Wheels Over Indian Trails (Dub)
12. Jah Wobble – Invaders Of The Heart (Exotic Decadent Disco mix)
13. SPK – Metal Dance
14. Fini Tribe – De Testimony (Collapsing Edit)

CD 2
1. Alien Sex Fiend – Under The Thunder (Ignore The Dub)
2. Einsturzende Neubauten – Yü-Gung (Adrian Sherwood mix)
3. Mark Stewart – Fatal Attraction (Contagious)
4. Hard Corps – Je Suis Passee (Dub)
5. Naked Lunch – Slipping Again
6. Secession – Touch (Part 4)
7. The Cage feat. Nona Hendryx – Do What Ya Wanna Do (Dub version)
8. Yello – You Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess (UK promo mix)
9. John Carpenter & Alan Howarth – The Duke Arrives – The Barricade / The President At The Train (Extended version)
10. Ledernacken – Amok!
11. Severed Heads – Dead Eyes Opened
12. Honey Bane – Guilty Dub
13. Diseño Corbusier – Golpe De Amistad

Can't find the dub version of this tune, so here's the original...

Re-digi vs Capitol Recs

This is a fascinating story  - what value do you place on your MP3s? Are they worth reselling, like your CDs? Or are they priced so low that they're disposable? Check out ReDigi....

ReDigi's used MP3 model assumes that people actually want to sell their old downloads, and only iTunes-purchased tracks will work in ReDigi's marketplace....

Federal Judge: This ReDigi Thing Is a "Fascinating Issue..." via Digital News

Looks like Capitol Records has to beat ReDigi the old-fashioned way: through a long, expensive, and seemingly-endless court battle. Late Monday, District Court judge Richard J. Sullivan ruled that Capitol's case against ReDigi must be heard, based on important principles related to digital resale, cloud-based computing, and other technological and legal questions.

And guess who's sitting at the 50-yard line for it all? Sullivan has tossed a request by Capitol for summary judgment, and can't wait for the technological back-and-forth. "This is a fascinating issue," Sullivan opined while denying Capitol's request for a preliminary injunction. "It raises a lot of technological and statutory issues."

Actually, this is exactly the result that Google had been hoping for. Last week, Sullivan abruptly told the search giant to mind its own business, but Google felt that Capitol v. ReDigi needed to be heard to clarify important legal guidelines related to cloud-based computing. Now, that day is happening in court.

But wait: even if ReDigi wins, can they then win the more important battle for customers? ReDigi's used MP3 model assumes that people actually want to sell their old downloads, and only iTunes-purchased tracks will work in ReDigi's marketplace. "Our advanced technology can distinguish legally acquired online music files from those ripped from a CD or file shared, but more significantly, our use of cloud computing and other modern computer techniques makes transfer of ownership compatible with copyright regulations," explained ReDigi CTO Larry Rudolph. "Technology can now make the virtual goods feel like physical."

In a response early this morning to Digital Music News, Capitol owner EMI vowed to fight the case. "We fully expect that ReDigi will ultimately have to answer for its clear acts of infringement," said Alasdair McMullan, executive vice president of Legal Affairs at EMI Music North America.

ADDED: For those following the now-approved Capitol v. ReDigi, here's a transcript of opening arguments.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

The Sonics will kick your arse

Late last century, my former band Hallelujah Picassos recorded a twisted electro thrash punk medley of Psycho and Strychnine, both by the Sonics (we're reissuing that cover very soon), tunes we first encountered in the very early days of the band when we were called the Rattlesnakes, playing garage punk in dingy warehouse venues alongside John Baker and his band the Psychodaisies. Now, the Sonics are coming to town. Oh boy.

"Widely considered to be the loudest, rawest and wildest band of all the sixties exponents of garage rock, The Sonics make a unique appearance at The Kings Arms on Wednesday 18th April.

While the Beatles were singing I Want To Hold Your Hand – The Sonics concocted a savage brutal mix of raw rock and roll with paeans to poisons, psychopaths, and the evilest gals - preached by a vocalist that sounded like he had been gargling broken glass. It was an approach that defined the roots of the North West Sound.

Formed in Tacoma, Washington in 1960, The Sonics were pioneers of a rough and ready R&B which still sounds as raw and vital today as it ever did. The combination of the fevered screams and howls of singer Gerry Roslie, a pounding rhythm section and the harshest, fuzziest guitar sound you ever did hear is one of the most distinctive in rock n roll. Their influence remains as strong as ever – their hits 'Strychnine' and 'The Witch' can still be heard in garages and practise rooms the world over.

The band dissolved in the late sixties but were persuaded to reform with most of the original line-up intact in 2007 for the wildly popular annual 'Cavestomp' garage rock festival. The Sonics have been performing to packed crowds across Europe and America ever since.

Name-checked by everyone from LCD Soundsystem, The Fall, The White Stripes, the grunge scene of the 1990s, Eagles Of Death Metal and our own Mint Chicks, this legendary band's one-off NZ show is not to be missed."

Auckland, The Kings Arms, Wednesday 18th April 2012. Tickets available from

Hit it

Hit It and Quit It (DJs Frank Booker and Recloose ) take over the Silo Sessions this Saturday midday til 5pm, free event, down at the Wynyard Quarter. Check it out.

Class of 81 vs Class of 81

There's an awful concert being advertised round the traps at present, called Class of 81, which has absolutely nothing to do with the fantastic compilation of the same name, released by Simon Grigg on his Propeller Records imprint. One of the bands playing this concert didnt even exist in 81 (When the cats away, who formed in 1986).

Simon responded to the concert on Twitter on Feb 6 : "I'd just like to say that the heinous Class of 81 being advertised on TV1 right now has zip to do with the album I released in 1981. There."

Simon told me he's had renewed interest in the compilation off the back of this crappy concert, so maybe we can finally get him to reissue it? Pretty please?

ADDED Mon 13 Feb: NZ Herald reports that "Concert drunks force bar to shut early" at the Class of 81 concert. Quote: "There wasn't real trouble ... [but] the place was filled with people in their 40s and 50s staggering around and trying to relive their youth. It wasn't pretty."

"The album as such held together fairly well, partially because there was a definite generic New Zealand sound developing, a sound not a long way removed from what, a few years later, became known as the Flying Nun sound. There was an angular quirky feel, almost jangly, to much of this. But unlike the Nun sound, the Auckland bands had a slightly more dubby, a looser and funkier feel.

"The title, a clear reference to AK79, came from my friend Nigel Russell (ex Spelling Mistakes, and later Danse Macbre, Car Crash Set, and The Greg Johnson Set) and the iconic sleeve was designed, like AK79, by Terence Hogan.

"There were a range of t-shirts, posters and a bunch of other promotional devices and it was duly released nationwide in March 1981, to great acclaim and very strong sales.

"The album entered the compilation charts at number one and a launch gig, broadcast live by the then named Radio B (now 95bFm) was a sell-out at Mainstreet Cabaret (in Queen Street). It was followed by Class of 81 gigs in Wellington (at The Last Resort) and Christchurch (at the Gladstone) over Easter 1981.

"The album, despite plans and a steady stream of requests over the years, has never made it to CD, but hopefully this will be resolved in the near future. Regardless of that, Class of 81 has attained a rather legendary status now as an album that clearly defined its era in New Zealand, and in particular, Auckland, rock and roll." (Simon Grigg)

2.Dance - BOMBERS
3.Five Miseries - THE NEWMATICS
4.The Man Inside - REBEL TRUCE
5.I'm Normal - THE KILLJOYS
6.The Day Has Ended - THE MODERNS
9.Motivation - BLAM BLAM BLAM
10.Carousel - RHYTHM METHOD
12.Let's Go To Australia - VIVID MILITIA

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Nerd discovers exactly which day was Ice Cube’s “good day”

I'm gonna repost this in full, cos it's genius... from Andrea Woo via Murk Avenue

“went to short dogs house,
they was watching Yo MTV
Yo MTV RAPS first aired:
Aug 6th 1988

Ice Cubes single “today was a good day” released on:
Feb 23 1993

”The Lakers beat the Super
Dates between Yo MTV Raps air date AUGUST 6 1988 and the release of the single FEBRUARY 23 1993 where the Lakers beat the Super Sonics:
Nov 11 1988 114-103
Nov 30 1988 110-106
Apr 4 1989 115-97
Apr 23 1989 121-117
Jan 17 1990 100-90
Feb 28 1990 112-107
Mar 25 1990 116-94
Apr 17 1990 102-101
Jan 18 1991 105-96
Mar 24 1991 113-96
Apr 21 1991 103-100
Jan 20 1992 116-110

Dates of those Laker wins over SuperSonics where it was a clear day with no Smog:
Nov 30 1988
Apr 4 1989
Jan 18 1991
Jan 20 1992

“Got a beep from Kim, and she can f#ck all night”
beepers weren’t adopted by mobile phone companies until the 1990s. Dates left where mobile beepers were availible to public:
Jan 18 1991
Jan 20 1992

Ice Cube starred in the film “Boyz in the hood” that released late Summer of 1991, but was being filmed mid-late 1990 early 1991 and Ice Cube was busy on set filming the movie Jan 18 1991 too busy to be lounging around the streets with no plans. Ladies and Gentlemen..

The ONLY day where:
Yo MTV Raps was on air
It was a clear and smogless day
Beepers were commercially sold
Lakers beat the SuperSonics
and Ice Cube had no events to attend was…

JANUARY 20 1992
National Good Day Day

Jan. 31 UPDATE: Vulture reached out to Ice Cube for comment on this fantastical piece of nerdery. His reply, via publicist? “Nice try.”

Doug Jerebine

Forty three years after it was recorded, this album finally sees official release! Out now on LP and digital download thru US label Dragcity. Doug will be performing live in Auckland late February / early March. He's also playing Owhango (south of Taumaruunui, on SH4) on February 11, apparently.

A lot of folk have pointed to the obvious Hendrix influence on Jerebine's album, but there are some tremendously funky beats bouncing round in there too. Some hiphop cat needs to sample this ish and make Jerebine a chunk of change, Quick, call Kanye... or P-Money....

"Who is Jesse Harper? Doug Jerebine is Jesse Harper. And who is Doug Jerebine? Born on New Zealand’s North Island in rural Tangowahine, he cut his teeth on guitar from the age of 12, instructed first by a half- Maori, half-Greek guitarist who introduced him to everything from George Van Eps to Hank Marvin.

Then one day, he found Doug teaching him. Even when he was only in high school, Doug was ready to play out. Throughout the early 1960s, he was hopping around in Auckland bands, including The Embers and The Brew. At the same time, Doug dove deeply into the virtuosic sitar sounds of Vilayat Kahn and Ravi Shankar, learning to play that instrument as well.

Drag City proudly presents the first official release of his remarkable album, ‘Is Jesse Harper’, transferred to tape from one of three existing original acetates.

Doug Jerebine ‘Is Jesse Harper’ is an archival release sure to resonate with fans of Jimi Hendrix, 10 Years After, Randy Holden, Merrell Fankhauser and the HMS Bounty, Spirit and other heavy sounds not truly heard and felt since the days of Gary Yoder and Kak.

The mystery of the Jesse Harper album, long rumoured and gossiped about, is finally brought to light for all to hear and enjoy, with thrilling liner notes openly revealing the man behind the myth."

Above audio clip: Reddened Eyes

NZ Herald's Scott Kara: Doug Jerebine: An unburied treasure.

snip..."In London in 1969, New Zealand guitarist Doug Jerebine, whose scorching psychedelic blues rock-style recalled the mighty Jimi Hendrix, recorded some songs in the hope of breaking into the big time.

Mind you, you get the feeling, that, even back then, the ever- humble Jerebine couldn't have cared less. He was encouraged to write and record songs like explosive psyche rocker Midnight Sun and bouncy blues-rock bopper Good News Blues, by his musical mate Dave Hartstone, who also gave Jerebine his rock 'n' roll alias - Jesse Harper.

But these songs never saw the light of day back then. One of the main reasons they were never re leased was because Jerebine became disillusioned with the music busi ness - and he was more interested in exploring Indian music and spiritu ality than playing rock 'n' roll.

As Jerebine told TimeOut in an interview in 2009: "Dave [Hartstone] wanted to make me into a rock star. I was daunted by that. I didn't like the idea ... I was searching for some thing higher."

In 1973 he left London for India where he became a Krishna monk and stayed for the best part of 30 years. He returned to New Zealand and started playing live again in 2009."

Audio previews on Dragcity's site.

Midnight Sun
Hole In My Hand
Fall Down
Ashes And Matches
Thawed Ice
Ain't So Hard To Do
Good News Blues
Reddened Eyes

ADDED Doug Jerebine pops up at the Silo Park this Saturday (Feb 25), along with The Cosbys and DJ's Johnny Baker and Matt Crawley, down at Wynyard Quarter, Auckland waterfront. DJs from midday, Doug Jerebine at 2pm, Cosbys at 4pm.


Adrian Younge DJ mix on KPFK's Melting pot show. Via Melting pot blog, hat tip to Hugh.

"Multi-instrumentalist, DJ, producer, film editor, Salon and Record Store proprietor and all around renaissance man Adrian Younge was our guest this week for a DJ set and interview we recorded at KPFK. Adrian is perhaps best known for the soundtrack to the blaxploitation revival film Black Dynamite, at least until the release of his latest project, Venice Dawn and their fantastic LP Something About April. His next release is a collaboration with William Hart of the Delphonics. 

If you’re in LA, you CANNOT miss the upcoming show Homage at Exchange LA on Feb. 23rd featuring Adrian Younge & Venice Dawn with William Hart of the Delfonics, Hypnotic Brass Ensemble with Phil Cohran, Theo Parrish and DJ Spinna!"

LINK Guest DJ Set from Adrian Younge on KPFK’s Melting Pot
LINK Adrian Younge Interview on KPFK’s Melting Pot: Recorded 02-01-2012

Mix tracklist...

Adrian Younge & Venice Dawn – Two Hearts Combine
Bobby Caldwell – Open Your Eyes
Bernard Wright – Haboglabotribin’
David Sancious – Prelude #3
Lobo – Running Deer
Iron Butterfly – Her Favorite Style
Lonnie Liston Smith – Space Lady
George Benson – Ain’t No Sunshine
New Birth – Honeybee
The Checkmates – Aquarius
Shaft Cover Band – Bumby’s Lament
Adrian Younge – Black Dynamite/Jimmy’s Dead
Nancy Wilson – Ain’t No Sunshine
Los Angeles Negros – Tanto Adios
Giorgio Carnini – Ninna Nanna
Nancy Sinatra – Bang Bang
Adrian Younge & Venice Dawn – Something About April

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Mighty Sparrow

Mighty Sparrow - Sparrowmania!
Wit, Wisdom and Soul From the King of Calypso 1963-1974

"Strut present a brand new retrospective of one of the Caribbean’s most towering musical figures, Mighty Sparrow, covering 1962 to 1974. During a career of over 40 years, Sparrow has been an unmatchable figure in the world of calypso and a constant backdrop to Caribbean life, recording over 300 albums and winning eleven Calypso Monarch and eight Road March titles at the annual Trinidad Carnival during one of the most competitive times in its history."

Liner notes by David Katz, well worth a read! Out now thru Strut

Monday, February 06, 2012


Straight back to 88... Betty and Ryan Monga and co... Think it's shot at the Galaxy (Powerstation) when the stage was at the other end of the room.

Yeaaahhh boiiiiiiii!

Half time ads during US sporting mega-event the Superbowl are always worth checking, The time slot costs $3.5 million for 30 secs, and then they throw in the big name stars. Like Clint EastwoodJerry Seinfeld, or Elton John and Flava Flav. Yeaaahhh boooiii! Flav is probably pretty happy right now - his hometown team the NY Giants won.

NYTimes: Judging the Super Bowl Commercials, From Charming to Smarmy (with links to all the ads)

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Way of the Dragon Spirit

Long Shen Dao ("Way of the Dragon Spirit") are a reggae band from Beijing, China. Their sound also takes in hiphop, ska and dub.

They are in New Zealand to play at the annual Lantern Festival in Auckland's Albert Park. They have played every night of the Festival, and they are on tonight at 9.40pm, followed by closing night fireworks.

I saw them last night, very cool use of traditional chinese instrumentation mixed in with reggae. They even do a Bob Marley cover! The singer talked to the crowd in Chinese, then told us in English "This our first time in New Zealand. We very happy!". He asked us to stand up and dance please. And everyone did. It was very cool.

They are playing on Waitiangi Day alongside Katchafire, David Dallas, Ardijah, Maisey Rika, Bella Kalolo, Sons of Zion and Foundation at Family Day. Out at Barry Curtis Park, Chapel Rd, Flat Bush, South Auckland (free). And they're playing in Wellington with support from DJ Art Official on Tuesday 7 Feb at San Francisco Bathhouse.