Pavement Magazine articles

DLT. Photo: Stephen Langdon

Pavement magazine started out in 1993 and  ceased publishing in late 2006, after 13 years. I wrote for them for a number of years (approx 1997-2002), as Local Music Editor.

Pavement never had a website, as far as I know (I tried to persuade the editor Barney MacDonald of the need for one back in the day, but he didn't see why he should give away his content for free, from memory), so these articles have never appeared online.

I am scanning them and converting the text to make them available for research purposes only, and they are NOT for commercial use.  All copyright remains with the author. Articles in chronological order. Enjoy!

Beaten Generation: Author Roger Watkins interview. By Robyn Pett, Aug/Sept 1995

Teremoana Rapley interview. By Andrew Mann, Dec 1995/Jan 96

Musical Messenger: DLT interview. By Ila Couch, Oct/Nov 1996

Under pressure: DLT interview. By Stephen Jewell, June/July 1999

Scratch That Itch: DJ Sirvere talks about the NZ ITF DJ Champs, By Peter McLennan, June/July 1999

Keith Haring: A pop life. Tony Shafrazi interview. By Peter McLennan, Aug/Sept, 1999

Cian O'Donnell interview (Conch Records, Turnaround). By Stephen Jewell, Aug/Sept, 1999

Dub Combinations: DJ Dubhead and Andrew Manning of Kog, By  Stephen Jewell, April 2000

Facts Of Wax (Breakers Wax label, Overwash vs Megalon). By Anna Thomson, June/July 2000.

Sideways compilation profiled, compiler Stinky Jim interviewed. By Peter McLennan, 2000

Dub plates: Tiki Taane of Salmonella dub. By Peter McLennan, 2001.

Jakob: nice day for an earthquake! By Peter McLennan, 2001.

Papakura Papa. DJ Sir-vere (aka Philip Bell) interviewed by Otis Frizzell, Aug/Sept 2001