New Zealand music magazine articles archive

DJ DLT. Photo by Stephen Langdon
DLT. Photo: Stephen Langdon/Pavement

This collection of articles is mainly focussed on New Zealand music, aiming to provide some kind of digital archive of these as many of the magazines or websites in question are either long gone or are no longer available, including a number of my own articles for mags such as Pavement. 

I am adding digital articles, and scanning the print articles and converting the text to make them available for research purposes only, and they are not for commercial use.  All copyright remains with the author. 

The Black Seeds / Paddy Free on remixing, by Peter McLennan, NZ Musician 2001

Breaks Co-Op interview excerpt  by Stephen Jewell, Pavement Feb/Mar 1998

Dam Native interview, by Kerry Buchanan, Real Groove 1997, plus Classic: Kerry Buchanan takes a second look at a classic hiphop album from Back2Basics magazine, Sep/Oct 2005

Dawn Raid interview, by Kerry Buchanan, Real Groove May 2001

Duncan Campbell intervew, Planet magazine, 1989

DLT interview. By Ila Couch, Pavement Oct/Nov 1996

DLT interview. By Stephen Jewell, Pavement June/July 1999

Dub Combinations: DJ Dubhead and Andrew Manning of Kog, By Stephen Jewell,  Pavement April 2000

Ermehn intervew, By Kerry Buchanan, Real Groove, 2005

Epsilon Blue interview, by Peter McLennan, NZ Musician, 2002

Tha Feelstyle interview, by Gareth Shute, NZ Musician Oct/Nov 2004

Phil Fuemana interview, by Emma Farry, Stamp #45 1994

Phil Fuemana / Urban Pacifika interview, by Stephen Jewell / album review by Kerry Buchanan, Real Groove Jun 1999

Phil Fuemana - extracts from Gareth Shute's interview with him for his book on NZ hiphop, released in 2004

A tribute to Phillip Fuemana, NZ Musician Apr/May 2005

In memory of Pauly Fuemana, by Nathan Haines, NZ Musician Feb/Mar 2010

Fuemana - Family first - interview with Phil and Pauly from 1994, on NZ Musician's site

Freebass interview, by Paul Casserly, Stamp Dec 1992

Gifted and Brown (feat King Kapisi) interview, by Makerita Urale, Planet winter 1992

David Grace interview, by Duncan Campbell, Real Groove Jan 1998

Grace interview, by Erin Duncan, Planet autumn 1995

Igelese Ite - Fusion funk - John Russell, RipItUp June 1995

Jakob: nice day for an earthquake! By Peter McLennan, Pavement 2001

The Kingites interview, by Martyn Pepperell, Back2Basics Apr-Jun 2008

Kog Transmissions interview, by Peter McLennan, North and South (unpublished) 1999

Ladi6 interview, by Martyn Pepperell, Back2Basics Oct-Dec 2008

Emcee Lucia interviews, Back2Basics 2004 by Khymer, NZ Herald 2004 by Rebecca Barry

LostTribe interview, by Grant Smithies, Real Groove Nov 1997

The Mighty Asterix interview, Stamp, 1992 (uncredited)

Moana Maniapoto intervewed about her debut album Tahi, June 1993, on NZ Musician's site
Angus McNaughton profile by Peter McLennan, April 2021

Tigilau Ness interview, by Peter McLennan, NZ Musician Apr/May 2003

The Nomad interview, by Peter McLennan, Lava Nov 1999 

New Loungehead interview, Graham Reid, NZ Herald, 1997

Cian O'Donnell interview (Conch Records, Turnaround). By Stephen Jewell, Pavement Aug/Sept, 1999

Facts Of Wax (Overwash vs Megalon, Breakers Wax label). By Anna Thomson, Pavement  June/July 2000

Phase 5 interview (Stinky Jim and Angus McNaughton), by Peter McLennan, Lava, Oct 1999 

Roger Perry interview, by Peter McLennan, NZ Musician, Jun 2001

DJ Raw interview, by DJ Sir-Vere, Back2Basics, Apr-Jun 2009

Teremoana Rapley interview, By Andrew Mann, Pavement Dec 1995/Jan 96

Trevor Reekie interview, by Murray Cammick, Xtra, May 2000

Relaxomatic Project interview (Dan Sperber and Luke Casey), Jan 2001, on NZ Musician's site

Salmonella Dub interview with Tiki Taane, by Peter McLennan, Pavement, 2001

Scratch That Itch: DJ Sirvere talks about the NZ ITF DJ Champs, By Peter McLennan, Pavement June/July 1999

DJ Sir-Vere interview, by Otis Frizzell, Pavement Aug/Sept 2001 

Sideways compilation profiled, compiler Stinky Jim interview. By Peter McLennan, Pavement 2000

SJD interview, by Peter McLennan, Pavement 2001

Soane interviews - Cathrin Schaer, NZ Herald 20 02 2004; Stephen Jewell, NZ Musician Feb/Mar 2004

Sulata interview, Graham Reid, NZ Herald 13 Feb 1997

Dylan Taite interview, by John Russell, Real Groove July 2001

Beaten Generation: Author Roger Watkins interview. By Robyn Pett, Aug/Sept 1995

Colourblind - the Auckland dance scene in 1993, by Andrew Schmidt, Metro Feb 1994