Monday, February 27, 2012

Muppets and McKenzie make award-winning music together

Bret on the red carpet. Hat tip to Gareth A for the pic via Twitter

Wellington's Bret Mckenzie has won an Oscar for his song for the Muppets movie. From The Black Seeds to Flight of the Conchords to Hollywood. Congratulations!

Just checked Bret's EGOT status - he has won a Grammy and an Oscar, but missed out on an Emmy even though he has been nominated 5 times. Still, plenty of time.

ADDED: At Bret;'s post-Oscars interview, he said "I'm looking forward to writing with Jemaine in the future again. Because I'll be able to pull out the Oscar card and say "Mmm, I think we should use this chord . . ." and "I won an Oscar!" See

Here's a song from Bret's solo record under the alias The Video Kid. Watch out for the skate cameo from Toby Laing of Fat Freddys rocking the cool headband styles.

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