Thursday, February 09, 2012

Class of 81 vs Class of 81

There's an awful concert being advertised round the traps at present, called Class of 81, which has absolutely nothing to do with the fantastic compilation of the same name, released by Simon Grigg on his Propeller Records imprint. One of the bands playing this concert didnt even exist in 81 (When the cats away, who formed in 1986).

Simon responded to the concert on Twitter on Feb 6 : "I'd just like to say that the heinous Class of 81 being advertised on TV1 right now has zip to do with the album I released in 1981. There."

Simon told me he's had renewed interest in the compilation off the back of this crappy concert, so maybe we can finally get him to reissue it? Pretty please?

ADDED Mon 13 Feb: NZ Herald reports that "Concert drunks force bar to shut early" at the Class of 81 concert. Quote: "There wasn't real trouble ... [but] the place was filled with people in their 40s and 50s staggering around and trying to relive their youth. It wasn't pretty."

"The album as such held together fairly well, partially because there was a definite generic New Zealand sound developing, a sound not a long way removed from what, a few years later, became known as the Flying Nun sound. There was an angular quirky feel, almost jangly, to much of this. But unlike the Nun sound, the Auckland bands had a slightly more dubby, a looser and funkier feel.

"The title, a clear reference to AK79, came from my friend Nigel Russell (ex Spelling Mistakes, and later Danse Macbre, Car Crash Set, and The Greg Johnson Set) and the iconic sleeve was designed, like AK79, by Terence Hogan.

"There were a range of t-shirts, posters and a bunch of other promotional devices and it was duly released nationwide in March 1981, to great acclaim and very strong sales.

"The album entered the compilation charts at number one and a launch gig, broadcast live by the then named Radio B (now 95bFm) was a sell-out at Mainstreet Cabaret (in Queen Street). It was followed by Class of 81 gigs in Wellington (at The Last Resort) and Christchurch (at the Gladstone) over Easter 1981.

"The album, despite plans and a steady stream of requests over the years, has never made it to CD, but hopefully this will be resolved in the near future. Regardless of that, Class of 81 has attained a rather legendary status now as an album that clearly defined its era in New Zealand, and in particular, Auckland, rock and roll." (Simon Grigg)

2.Dance - BOMBERS
3.Five Miseries - THE NEWMATICS
4.The Man Inside - REBEL TRUCE
5.I'm Normal - THE KILLJOYS
6.The Day Has Ended - THE MODERNS
9.Motivation - BLAM BLAM BLAM
10.Carousel - RHYTHM METHOD
12.Let's Go To Australia - VIVID MILITIA


Simon said...

It's long overdue for reissue and I keep on promising - so 2012 definitely.

I was missing a master tape but found that Geoff Newmatic had it so.....

And thank you!

Simon said...

whoops - I mean Jeff Newmatic

Peter McLennan said...

Hooray! Bring it on