Sunday, February 26, 2012

Vinyl is making a comeback #260

McKay used bookstore moving to bigger location (The Tennessean, Nashville).
“Vinyl is making a comeback,” Hart said. “We have gotten a good collection of vintage, religious and classical. And we are trying to get as much vinyl as possible..."

With vinyl’s resurgence, what goes around comes around (BYU, Provo, Utah, US)
"No, those aren’t giant black CDs. They’re called vinyl records. As digital music has become more prevalent, a counter-movement has taken place. Vinyl records, having long been confined to thrift stores and the houses of grandparents, are being embraced by listeners and musicians. While this latest trend might feel fresh to some youngsters, it’s really just a new spin on an old favorite..."

Leader: Vinyl flourishes as store opens in Huddersfield (UK)

"Is vinyl making a comeback? The reality perhaps is that for many, it never went away....

...Look no further for proof of the enduring appeal of old style records than a Huddersfield business which is arguably the country’s biggest vinyl dealer.

Vinyl Tap was founded 26 years ago by record collector Tony Boothroyd who buys and sells around the world.

The business is a haunt for music collectors worldwide and trades through 20 websites worldwide. It has existed solely online for 12 years but now Tony has reopened a walk-in shop in the heart of the town.

It seems that there is room for old and new technology to exist alongside each other and that for some, vinyl will never go out of style."

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