Wednesday, February 22, 2012


"A year on, beneath the superficial layer of well-meaning but ultimately empty nods towards a rebuild, this city is dying."

Today marks the first anniversary of the Feb 22 earthquake in Christchurch, where 183 people died, and the inner city was decimated. Ed Muzik (govt name James Dann) is a Christchurch musician, who has survived the many earthquakes in his city. He wrote an opinion piece for the NZ Herald, talking about how his city is now.

"Quake - a year on: Key's NZ is failing the test".

Some excerpts...

"With an event as destructive, as complex, as difficult to describe as the series of quakes that my city has suffered, it is inevitable that the message becomes one communicated through symbols....

... One of the most notable symbols of the rebuild is the renovation of Rugby League Park in Addington, to become the new home for the Crusaders rugby team, Christchurch Stadium. The government has put up some of the money for the stadium, and despite the budget blowing out by $5 million dollars, they are doing all they can to have the park open for Todd Blackadder and his boys.

As with the Rugby World Cup, this government seems to believe that the economic benefits of the sport are both indisputable and so powerful that they they don't need to talk about it; that sport is inherently a "good thing" that will lift the spirits of all in the city....

...Whether he likes it or not, his [John Key's] response to this disaster will end up defining his Prime Ministership in years to come.... For some people, contented with rugby and retail, the government will get a pass mark. But as long as we have people struggling with insurance and EQC, trying to get their heads around the rainbow of colour zones, coming to terms with the loss of jobs, or equity, or both, then Key's New Zealand is failing that test."

Ed Muzik's website, and find him on Twitter: @edmuzik.
NZH: "He's reworked a hit by The Strokes, 12:51, to capture the spirit of his damaged city."

If you're from outside New Zealand and are wondering what Christchurch looks like after the earthquakes, watch this video. One of NZ's most popular hiphop MCs (and Christchurch resident) Scribe, remade a song of his for his hometown, to raise funds for charity. He lost a relative in the quake. Take a look.

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