Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sammy Doodle is like..

Sammy Doodle (real name; Sam Touli) sent me his bio, some beats, and a few photos recently. His bio says he grew up in Staten Island, New York, and there's the obvious influences from that place (Wu Tang, Mobb Deep, Nas), and he's also traveled beyond the confines of the US to Indonesia, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, and Iran (his parents came from there to NYC in the 70s). But he's covered in tattoos from his punk days and has a crazy-ass dreadlocked beard. His Twitter bio describes him as a "Raw food eating, muslim, hip-hop artist."

In short, he looks nothing like you'd expect a Staten island rapper to appear. I dig that. Check out one of his tunes below, free download too...

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