Saturday, June 25, 2022

Ring The Alarm playlist 25 June 2022

Santo and Johnny - Sleepwalk
Link Wray - Rumble
Howlin' Wolf - Moanin' at midnight
Big Mama Thornton - Hound dog
Aretha Franklin - Rough lover
Brassroots - Good life
Recloose - Turkish delight
Lewis McCallum - Tales of Mingus
Freddie Cruger - Pushin' on
Mazbou Q - Go and be free
Bacao Rhythm and Steel Band -  Jungle fever
Sharon Jones and the Dapkings - Take me with you
Helene Smith - You got to be a man
The Everyday People - Bump (pt1)
Living Colour - Plastic people (inst)
Gloria Williams - Sister funk
Bernie Worrall - Insurance man for the funk
Rufus and Chaka Khan - Tell me something good
Kashmere Stage Band - Superstrut
James Brown - Don't tell it
Lyn Collins - Rock me again and again and again
Luchito and Nestor - Tighten up
Wild Magnolias - Battlefield (Joe Clausell park side lounge mix)
Less Stress - Don't dream it's over
Gary Clail - Human nature (on the mix)
Zap Mama - Bandy bandy (Carl Craig remix)
Quiet Storm - Taco track

Saturday, June 18, 2022

Ring The Alarm playlist 18 June 2022

Adrian Quesada - Idolo
Quantic - Mas pan
Willie Bobo - Fried neckbones and some home fries (Dan the Automator remix)
Harlem River Drive - Idle hands
Bronx River Parkway - Agua con sal
Jungle Fire - Chalupa
Alexander Korostinksy - Altin maske
Erin Buku - Artemus
Double A - You feel alright?
Sly and the Family Stone - Dynamite
Betty Wright - Clean up woman
Laura Lee - Crumbs off the table
Betty Davis - Anti love song
Shirley Ellis - I will never forget
Barbara Randolph - Can I get a witness
Johnny Daye - What'll I do for satisfaction
The Night Owls - Me and baby brother
Jackie Mittoo - Stereo freeze
Phyllis Dillon - Woman of the ghetto
Lennie Hibbert - Real hot
Dennis Bovell meets Dubblestandart - Hypocite (dub)
Pitch Black -  1000 mile drift (Simon Flower remix)
Lord Echo - Digital haircut dub
Freddie Cruger - Something good
Wild Cookie - On the road
Afrorack - Last modular
Surprise Chef - Velodrome
Senor Coconut - The robots
Cat Boys - Gypsy woman (DJ Koco remix)

Friday, June 17, 2022

Picassos making noise in ya hood...

Brand new heavy tune from Hallelujah Picassos, who are playing next Friday June 24 as part of 1:12 Records Matariki show, on at Whammy Bar, free entry:

"Here is the second song to be released this year by alt/indie cult band Hallelujah Picassos, titled "Brothers and Sisters (there’s more than blood that binds us)".

It was inspired by the research of Ralph and Coop of USC Dornsife that shows that all people living now share a common ancestor that only lived about 100-150 generations ago (or 3,400 years).

It's a smoking cauldron of thumping ritual and hypno vox invocation, conjuring and celebrating the brotherhood, the sisterhood, the people hood, in menacing times like these.

We'll be playing it next Friday June 24 at the amazing 1:12 Records Matariki event at Whammy Bar."

Saturday, June 11, 2022

Ring The Alarm playlist 11 June 2022

King Sunny Ade - Ja funmi
Guy One - So la ma la
Nyameke Junction - GMT (Ghana man time)
Janko Nilovic and the Soul Surfers - Sweet path
Double A - Super badman riddim
Rubi Du - Back up
Daz-I-Kue - Lovestep theme
Dubmatix feat U Brown - Whatcha gonna do (Webcam Hifi remix)
Pama International - Man next door
Overproof Sound System - Kunta Kinte
Skatalites - Beardsman ska
Jackie Mitttoo - El bang bang
Little Kirk - What's love got to do
The Orb feat Lee Scratch Perry - Hold me upsetter
Beat Pharmacy feat Paul St Hilaire - Sunshine
Ballistic Brothers - Prophecy reveal
Chaka Khan - Too much love
Fred Wesley and the JBs -  Backstabbers
Herbie Hancock - Wiggle waggle
Otis Redding - Day tripper (alternate take)
The Marvelettes  -Your love is good
The Supremes - Love is like an itching in my heart
Shirley Ellis - Soul time
Peaches & Herb -  I need your love so desperately
Four Tops - I can't quit your love
James Brown - James Brown's boogaloo
Barbara Lewis - Snap your fingers
ZZ Hill - Sweet woman by your side
Nina Simone - Seeline woman (MAW remix)
Mazbou Q - Go and be free

Tuesday, June 07, 2022

Alexander Korostinsky: psyche rock saz styles

"Record Kicks is pleased to announce the debut 45 by Alexander Korostinsky (of The Sextones & Whatitdo Archive Group), out on June 17th, 2022. The first extract is “Bones of God”, available on all digital platforms on June 3rd. 

Consumed by the dark arts of songcraft, recording, and producing, Korostinsky’s debut 45 offers both a deep appreciation to the fascinating world of Anatolian Psych-Rock and an intimate glimpse into his ascending journey as an ambitious artist. Having quickly picked up the Baglama saz, Korostinsky showcases his autodidactic abilities as both a bassist, guitarist, sitarist, percussionist and now an electric Baglama player on this first release.

The first single “Bones of God”, out on June 3rd, is a moody composition with its droning 12-string guitar, waves of electric sitar and dynamic drums all highlighted by his electric saz routed through a wah pedal.

“‘Bones of God’ was the first song I wrote for this project and is a nod to the lost sounds of Arif Sag and company that I admire so much,” says Korostinsky. “I had been so consumed in creating soul, funk and soundtrack music for so long that my body begged for a new creative outlet. I am a record collector before anything else and I knew that exploring the sounds of some of my favorite records would scratch that itch.”

Saturday, June 04, 2022

Ring The Alarm playlist 4 June 2022

Amadou and Mariam - M'Bife (Ayala (IT) edit
Ayaya (IT) - From Africa
Whatitdo Archive Group - Ethiopian airlines
Yosi Horikawa - Bump
Massive Attack - Spying glass
Nuyorican Soul - It's alright, I feel it!
Solomonic Sound - Children of Israel (dub)
Tanya Stephens - Need you tonight
Cutty Ranks - The cutter
Junior Murvin - Cool out son
Althea - Down town thing
Jackie Mittoo - Moon walk
Bob Marley - Mr chatterbox
Fat Freddy's Drop - Hope (3 Generations Walking remix)
Brand New Heavies - Sometimes (The Ummah remix)
Bacao Rhythm and Steel Band - Pimp
Sly and the Family Stone - Colour me true
Bobby Byrd - I know you got soul
Marva Whitney - What do I have to do to prove my love to you
Eli Paperboy Reed - Ace of spades
Aretha Franklin - Pullin'
Brooklyn Allstars - God don't like it and I don't either
The Meditation Singers - Good old gospel music
Staple Singers - We the people
Stevie Wonder - You haven't done nothing
The Clash - This is Radio Clash

Monday, May 30, 2022

Leftfield electro soul from a Pagan land

Pagan Records released some hugely successful local tunes (Game of Love, Sweet Lovers, Glad I'm not a Kennedy, What's the time Mr Wolf to name but a few) and many great records. This mix is aimed at highlighting some of the lesser known acts and songs in their catalog, digging into the forgotten corners. There's some great oddball leftfield pop, groovy electronica, even some poetry.

These notes include comments from Trevor Reekie taken from Simon Grigg's excellent summation of Pagan Records's singles 1986 to 2000.

Grigg notes that "Whilst Propeller and Ripper may have set the scene, and Flying Nun garnered the reputation (and released far more records), Pagan was far and away the most successful independent label, and had a massive influence. Its influence goes beyond its own catalogue.

"It was Pagan that discovered Bic Runga and passed her on to Sony. Indeed the list of Pagan signed acts is quite incredible as this list, of the singles on the labels up to 2000, is clear evidence. Think Shihad, The Warratahs, Hallelujah Picassos, Strawpeople, Shona Laing, Ardijah, Tadpole, Greg Johnson, Relaxomatic Project, Pluto, Eye TV and many others.

"Indeed it can reasonably be argued that Trevor Reekie has the best set of A&R ears since the golden NZ pop days of the sixties. Perhaps ever.

"Pagan existed from 1985 until the partners quietly shut up shop in 2005. It’s twenty year run is much longer than Flying Nun’s independent era (it was largely Murdoch-owned from the mid nineties) and this list is testament to one of New Zealand’s greatest record labels."

Here's notes on some of the songs in this mix:

Jim an' Joe (single) - two gents from Hamilton, off a one-off single recorded in 1986. Recorded at Mandrill with Trevor Reekie producing and Dave Dobbyn adding some Emulator keys. Trevor says "Dobbyn was in Mandrill at the same time and came in and lent us his talents to it. Died without trace."

This Boy Rob (1987 EP) - recording debut for Greg Johnson, a duo featuring him and John Fraser.  Recorded and engineered by Paul Casserly and Mark Tierney of Strawpeople before they were the Strawpeople.

Southside Of Bombay  – Kia Mau (1995 single), Trevor says "Still one of the singles I'm most proud of. This track featured Mina Ripia from Moana and the Moa Hunters. Maaka McGregor (SOB drummer and producer) and Mina have gone on to form Wai 100%."

The Holiday Makers -  Serious (1988 - the b side to Waiting in the sunshine, their followup single to their chart topping hit Sweet Lovers). Trevor says : "How do you follow the biggest selling single of the year? This made number 6 but by then the band were in disarray. They came back from a tour of Japan and folded."

Chrome Safari - Bop to the drummer (1986 EP). Trevor says this was by "Simon Alexander, one time Grammar Boys [band] member and a hugely accomplished muso and engineer."

Obscure Desire - Obscure desire - extended UK mix (EP, 1986). Trevor says "Remixed in London by Liam Henshall. This record was kind of ahead of its time cos we didn’t have the technology to do what we really wanted to do."

Cheek Ta Cheek - Colonial Reggae instrumental (Single, 1987). From the movie soundtrack for NZ film 'Queen City Rocker.'

Greg Johnson - Josephine (1990 single). Trevor says "I asked Airforce Studios which day the studio would never be able to book. Tim Foreman said Xmas day and Boxing Day. So I said we’ll give you $400 for both days and we’ll bring our own engineer (wee Terry). gregs parents bought in xmas dinner, girlfriends and mates were all around and it was one of the best xmas I ever had. The single flopped and it was truly a gem of a song ...! pop !"

Strawpeople -  Sly, Full Power. Sly was on their debut album Hemisphere from 1991, and Full Power was on a great indie student radio compilation Pagan released called Children of the Generator, compiled by Casserly and Tierney. Other acts included the likes of Headless Chickens and Black Girls Machine. Full Power also got added to the CD version of Hemisphere. Sly features Trevor Reekie on guitar. 

The Parker Project -  Tears on my pillow (Single, 1991). I really wanted to find the b-side, which is a Jazzy Rap mix. Trevor says 'By this time Rhythm Cage folded and David [Parker] teamed up with Dan Barnes and John Cooper. A cover of the old Johnny Nash song with the right production and it took a few weeks to knock Push Push out of the number one slot but we did."
Ted Brown and the Italians - How is the air up there? (single, 1994) - I've added a remix DLT did based off this version, which got used as the music for the opening credits of NZ music TV show Frenzy in the mid 1990s. 

Sam Hunt - Your body has no flaw (single, 2000) Trevor says "I actually recorded hours of Sam but he let us give his rendition of his poem to producer Jon Cooper and muso Ted Brown who re-constructed it. Every library should have a copy. Paul Casserly, Straw Person, made Sam a great clip."

Sunday, May 29, 2022

The Clash rock the cashbar (official styles) with Ranking Roger

This song has been floating round as a demo bootleg for god knows how long. It landed on a compilation called Rat Patrol from Fort Bragg in the early 2000s (that was the original title for Combat Rock when it was gonna be a double LP monster). Probably started out as a bootleg cassette in the late 80s or 90s, pre-internet. I found a copy in the mid 2000s during the MP3 blog era. Who's nostalgic for that time?

There's a Youtube clip of it that someone had a go at remastering, and Ranking Roger found it 12 years ago and commented on it with some background: 

"Nice to see this cut up here. I recorded this for the Clash in London around 82-3 when The Clash and the Beat toured quite a bit in the U.S.A. together. 

"I also did a toast/rap over Red Angel Dragnet which I have not heard since. I did it as a one take in the studio. The Clash split up shortly afterwards so it was never released. What you guys are hearing here was just a rough mix for us to go away and listen to. It was never finished.

"I was invited as a guest just to freestyle and see what happened. A lot of it came from the top of my head and I think you can sort of hear it in the track. It was just a guide vocal so I could get more ideas. Then The Clash broke up but we still kept in touch.

"We used a studio I think in Notting Hill. Mick Jones was with me and a couple of engineers. We took the original 24 track and took the lead vox out. Anyway, it was not allowed to be let out to anyone, although I gave the late John Peel a copy of it (R.I.P.) but......yes, I guess you could say it was a demo waiting approval I guess. Thanks for letting people hear what could have been a remix, if it was finished. Better some than none! Respect! RR :)"

There's clips of Ranking Roger joining The Clash onstage in Paris during a 7 night run they did there at the Mogodor theatre with The Beat opening, in September 1981. You can hear him on Police and Thieves, and Armagideon Time. Plus there's some similar live clips from the USA in 1982.

The Clash have just released a 40th anniversary edition of Combat Rock over 5 sides of vinyl with bonus tracks recorded round the same time (mostly previously released on other Clash reissues), and left this song out and one side of the vinyl blank. 

Instead, they released it on digital in April, and as a 7" single on May 20, the same day as Combat Rock reissue. The flip is the version of Red Angel Dragnet that Roger mentions. Yes I did rush out and buy it.

Here's an interview from 2014 with Ranking Roger where he mentions he got given a tape to take home after the sessions, and he gave that to John Peel and he must have played it at some point and that's the version that's been going round the internet. He also talks about recording an EP called Rock The Casbah to benefit Strummerville Foundation.

Bonus - Ranking Roger and Pato Banton cover Rock the casbah:

Cover photo for the 7" single taken by Paul Slattery, full image below:

Saturday, May 28, 2022

Ring The Alarm playlist 28 May 2022

Bacao Rhythm and Steel Band - Juicy fruit
Dele Sosimi and Medlar - Gudu gudu kan (Daz-I-Kue remix)
Ayala (IT) - The clash
Nyamekye Junction - GMT (Ghana man time)
The Brassouls feat Rick Bryant - Lies
Mazbou Q - Just let it go
Nautilus - Rollerskating jam named 'Sundays'
Shirley Davis and the Silverbacks - Stay firm
Mike Varo - Watch your setp
Little Lisa - Honey boy
Chris Clark - Do I love you (indeed I do)
Julien Dyne feat Troy Kingi - Water
Cloud Boy - Red rubicon
Close feat Tikiman - Born in a rolling barrel
Manasseh - The nex step
Tenor Saw - Golden hen
Sister Nancy - Transport connection
Jimmy London - I'm your puppet
Bjorn Torske - Dub vendors
DJ C and Quality Diamond - Let it Billie (jungle mix)
The Clash and Ranking Roger - Rock the Casbah
Brenton Wood - A change is gonna come
Hank Ballard - Let's go again (where we went last night)
Anne Peebles - A good day for lovin'
Brotherly Love - Growing pains
Marvin Gaye - Ego tripping (inst)
Malo - Nena
Quiet Storm - Taco track
Erin Buku - Humble (Kaidi Tatham remix)
Sandy Mill - Socials
Minoru Muraoka - The positive and the negative (Mr Bongo edit

Monday, May 23, 2022

Mazbou Q drops new single 'Go and be free'

Great new single from Mazbou Q:

Harking back to his career defining sonic roots of West African Highlife under previous moniker “Unchained XL”, Aotearoa New Zealand based artist and producer Mazbou Q delivers the new brass heavy hiphop anthem, ‘Go and Be Free’. Fusing Fela Kuti style soundscapes with modern 808-based production, Mazbou Q inspires his audience to dance through hardship by telling the story of how he found joy within deep loss.

Mazbou Q references his Nigerian heritage as he describes how the contrast of celebration and pain is at the heart of the song. “In my culture, we find ways to be joyous in the midst of deep pain. Our funerals, for example, are huge celebrations with singing, dancing and food because they are celebrations of a life once had. This song at its core is likewise about celebrating the good times with somebody, whilst saying a painful goodbye”.

His album The Future Was, from last year, is also well worth checking out. Featuring guests like Myele Manzanza, Raiza Biza, Jane Deezy, and Phodiso.

Saturday, May 21, 2022

Ring The Alarm playlist 21 May 2022

100% local sounds for NZ music month again, cos I had so much fun with it last week....

King Kapisi - Reverse resistance (inst)
Joint Force - Nightmare dub
Hirini Melbourne and Richard Nunns - Tumatakokiri (Unitone Hifi remix)
Eru Dangerspiel - Coq au vin
Bongmaster - Brothers and sisters
Kora - Rust in dust
The Kingites - Polynesian Panthers
Mighty Asterix - Sweetest girl
Latinaotearoa - Walk right up (Spanish version)
Estere - Cruel Charlie
Lewis McCallum feat Esther Stephens - Syntheology
Iglese - Groovalation
Lole - Just wanna
Strawpeople - Blue
Tyra and the Tornadoes - Huihui
Eliza Keil - Evil ways
Howard Morrison - Keep on running
Keil Isles - Monkey stomp
Alison Durbin - It's your thing
Rocco - Who's this guy
Yandall Sisters - Sweet inspiration
Recloose Live Band - Racetrack in France
Mark de Clive Lowe feat Omar - Get started
Leonard Charles - Breaking over you (inst)
Salmonella Dub - Johnny (Dubmariner remix)
Sola Rosa feat Baijka - Lady love (Biggabush version)
Isaac Aesili feat Aaradhna - With you in my bed

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Ring The Alarm playlist 14 May 2022

100% local sounds for NZ music month....

Quincy Conserve - Superstrut
Billy Karaitiana - Cool jerk
Howard Morrison - Don't let it get to you
Jay Epae - Putti putti
Nash Chase - Gimme a little sign
Maria Dallas - Um bala bomba
Bill Wolfgramm and his Islanders feat Daphne Walker - Haere mai
Patea Maori Club - Poi-e (Peter Mac disco drums edit)
Snap - Sidewalk city
Ardijah - Jammin'
Holidaymakers - Sensible shoes
Big Sideways - Guava
Miltown Stowaways - Strong and true
Herbs - French Letter dub
Diatribe - Dangerous game
The Yoots - Tuitira mai
Kevvy Kev - Tribute
Fat Freddy's Drop - Hope (Sonsine remix)
Dub Asylum - Slice of heaven
Che Fu - Misty frequencies (Submariner remix feat Danny D)
Supergroove - Bloody shame (DLT remix)
Dam Native - Behold my kool style
Urban Disturbance feat Dei Hamo - Figure this kids
Fuemana - Cool calm
Submariner - Tha' natural
Ladi6 - Diamonds
Aaradhna - Wake up
Jamie and the Numbers - If this is love

Thursday, May 12, 2022

Troy Kingi - Trash recital of 'Shake That Skinny Ass'

The latest from this cool series on Under the Radar: "We're over the moon to share the first episode of UTR presents Trash Recital Season 2 — starring Troy Kingi and created by Sports Team!

Releasing online fortnightly from today onwards, our 2022 season of Trash Recital features even more stars from throughout Aotearoa's diverse music community, reimagining their songs using objects from Sports Team's expertly curated collection of recycled junk. Viewers can enjoy an even trashier set than last year, a dazzling new claymation opening sequence by Annabel Kean (finalist for the 2022 Outstanding Music Journalism Award), and more outstanding banter throughout the new ten episode series, made with support from NZ On Air.

For each episode of Trash Recital we've invited some of our favourite Aotearoa artists into the UTR studios to perform one of their signature songs, re-created using everyday items selected from Sports Team's stockpile of trash. Trash Recital not only provides a launchpad for stunning reimaginings of recent classic tunes, but also the perfect opportunity for a chinwag with our local musical heroes."

Saturday, May 07, 2022

Ring The Alarm playlist 7 May 2022

Prince - Hot thang (extended version)
Quando Quango - Atom rock (New York remix)
Manfredo Fest - Jungle kitten
Myele Manzanza feat Bella Kalolo - Absent
Oscar Brown Jr - Brother where are you? (Matthew Herbert remix)
Stance Brothers - On top (organ and vibes)
The Blassics - Slight whining (fast)
Barrino Brothers - The bad things you said to me
Ray Frazier and the shades of madness - I who have nothing (am somebody)
The Traffic - California love
Janet Jackson - Got til its gone (Ummah Jay Dee's revenge mix)
Parliament - The landing of the holy mothership
Material with Nona Hendryx - Bustin' out
Lizzy Mercier Desloux - Hard-boiled babe
Grace Jones - Use me (long version)
Mali-I - This place
Pinchers - Bandalero
Dubmatix feat Kultcha Ites - Wobble weeble (G Corp remix)
Dub Asylum -  Sway (out now)
Tony Allen - NEPA dancd dub
Ayala - Caravan
Como Mamas - Out of the wilderness 
The Meditation Singers - Good old gospel music
Mara TK feat Troy Kingi - Every Hori is a star

Friday, May 06, 2022

Dub Asylum - Sway single out

Here's  a reggaefied skank with strings for a wonderful song by the very talented Bic Runga, who wrote and produced the original  - respect. Sway like this! Turns into a steppas dub at the end. Chur. Name your price, for Bandcamp Friday.

Off the forthcoming new album from my outfit Dub Asylum.... more soon.