Sunday, February 12, 2012

Vinyl is making a comeback #259

Here's the latest installments of this long-running news story... first one, on a tangent...

"While the LP revival is still in full swing you rarely hear about the other 12-inch, grooved vinyl record format, the RCA VideoDisc." 

and, from Melbourne, Australia... "Just a few years ago, Mr Thomson's [owner of The Vintage Record shop] clientele was almost exclusively men aged over 30. Now the gender balance is evening up, and his market demographic keeps getting younger.

Rosie Letford, 18, a graphic design student from Ashfield, admires the album covers' art. "There's also something in the way [the sound] fills the room, it's a more authentic sound," she says. "And it's a beautiful ritual, to turn the record over and place the needle."

From The Age "Digital music backlash creates a vinyl revival."

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