Saturday, October 22, 2011

Che Fu and Tigi Ness on TV

Che Fu and his father Tigi Ness feature on Maori TV tonight, at 830pm. It's a documentary called Sons Afar, about Che and Tigi travelling to Tigi's homeland, Niue. While they're there, they put on a performance for the locals at the Niue Arts and Cultural Festival.

Che and Tigi have rarely played together  -their most recent joint outing was at the Christchurch Arts Festival. Nick Bollinger wrote about that in The Listener back in September, read it here.

Excerpt... "father and son have also teamed up for occasional family events and festivals, including this week at the Christchurch Arts Festival.

The most significant of their collaborations was in April when they headlined at the second Niue Arts and Cultural Festival. It was the first time either had been to the island. “I’d been talking for years about taking my son to Niue,” says Tigi. “And then he goes, ‘Dad, I’ll take you to Niue!’”

With a sound and lighting rig shipped from New Zealand, Che’s crew provided the technical support for the week-long event, which included films, exhibitions, dance and workshops as well as music.

For Che, seeing his grandparents’ village helped him appreciate their courage. “There’s less than a hundred people. Coming from there, Auckland must have been like an alien world.”

For Tigi, returning to the home he had never seen made him think about today’s immigrants. “Look at people coming to New Zealand from the Middle East, or wherever. You don’t know what the law of the land is. It’s so far away. You’re going to the bottom of the world.”

The music Che and Tigi performed there mixed the influences they have picked up on their respective journeys, from rock to reggae to rap. Che says: “To me, music is a language, a way to communicate stuff, but the stuff is me. I use all these different mixes, but the stories are mine.”

Ring The Alarm playlist, BaseFM, Oct 22

Noel Pointer - Living for the city
Candi Staton - When you wake up tomorrow
House party - Dangerous love
Mr Chop - Giving up food for funk
Cochema Gastelum - Dark city
Colm K and the freestyle mellowship - Dancing skulls - main mix
King Tubby - Bag a wire -Avatars of dub remix
Hallelujah Picassos - Rewind
Lester Sterling - Afrikaan beat
Nardo Ranks - Burrup
Lightning head - Bokoor sound special
Joe Cuba sextet - Sock it to me
Mo kolours - Biddies
Mr Chop - Greedy G
Mophono's halftone society - Sinicism - Natural self remix
David and Reuben - I love her so much it hurts me
Esther Phillips - Catch me I'm falling
Ella Fitzgerald - Get ready
Fitz and the tantrums - Money grabber
Soul providers feat Sharon Jones - Switchblade
Dusty - An exotic breed  - Umberto Echo's dub
Jackie Mittoo and Brentford rockers - Sidewalk doctor
Karl Bryan and the afrokats - Money generator
Clarence Thompson and the organisation - Express yourself
Wilson Pickett - Get me back on time - Danny Massure edit
King Errison - The magic man
Lord Echo - Long time no see
Gwen Guthrie - Aint nothin' goin' on but the rent  -club mix
Mayer Hawthorne - Dreaming

Friday, October 21, 2011

Akld Record Fair tomorrow

Auckland Record Fair at Freeman's Bay Community Hall, 10am - 3pm
General admission: $4.00

"We had a fantastic turnout at our last Record Fair in March and we hope you enjoyed it as much as Klaus, Jonathan and Peter enjoyed putting it on! The next Record Fair will be held in the Freemans Bay Community Hall on the 22nd October 2011 and we look forward to seeing you and your friends there.

As always there will be a full vintage system playing vinyl, plenty of stalls and an exhibition tables dedicated to helping you clean and care for your vinyl collection using the fantastic Knosti disco-antistat record cleaning kit.

The fair will be open to the public from 10am to 3pm. Please remember entry is payable by cash only.

In terms of keeping you informed we are making some exciting changes! The Record Fair Newsletter will now be sent from our new platform at We will also start posting updates regarding the Record Fair on Facebook."

Neil Young goes to Soulsville

Was listening to Charles Bradley and the Menahan St Band on repeat yesterday (love their album), and came across this track...

The Budos Band, live from earlier this year, joined onstage by Mr Bradley, who proceeds to dance up a storm, then brings the band to a dead stop and takes off for Soulsville with Mr Neil Young's song Heart of gold.

There's also a recorded version of this available too, on vinyl/digital.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Beats in our backyard - Ghana

New project from Nick D (Making Tracks)... check it out.

from beats in our backyard ghana

"Yaw Boetang is from Accra - the capital city of Ghana. I visited Ghana last year and met with Yaw over there and i've got to say it's one of the craziest places I've ever been.

Ghana is a former British colony in West Africa and it has a reputation for some of the greatest music in all of the continent. Yaw, who was a teacher back in Ghana came out to New Zealand to further his studies and once he arrived he noticed a lack in the music of his homeland, so almost immediately made it his mission to take the sounds of Afro-beat to New Zealand with his band Zoh-Zoh. 

Yaw is one of the most unique people i've ever met, he's got a charm and a warmth like no other and seeing him perform onstage is like nothing else. He's a true showman

About Beats In Our Backyard with Nick Dwyer

Beats In Our Backyard is an exploration of New Zealand's multi-culture through music. All my life I've been all consumed with the discovery of new music and over the last ten years I've been traveling the world in search of new and exotic sounds from all around the globe - especially in the last 4 years with a TV series I present and direct called 'Making Tracks'. 

Last year I was given the opportunity to host at the Auckland Cultural Festival and it was really then that I realised the extent of our ethnic diversity. From Burundi and Somalia in Africa to Mongolia and Nepal in Asia to nearly every Caribbean island nation - New Zealand is home to over 150 different nations - each of these people has an extraordinary story to tell, and for alot of them the best way to do that is through their music, which they are all incredibly proud of. 

The idea behind Beats In Our Backyard is to shine the spotlight on these communities and their music, and hopefully as a by-product you'll learn a little bit more about your relatively new neighbours along the way."

Watch the bonus features in this series: Yaws Human Percussion, Yaws Balls and Singing, Pidgin Lesson (below)

Smart Network has a range of contributors, 14 in all - only two women tho. Project is from Telecom NZ.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New Picassos video!

About a year ago, I was digging round in my archives/boxes of random stuff looking for some old Picassos press clippings, when I discovered a box of super 8 film labelled "Picassos - Powerstation". Thought to myself, "Cool, some footage I can use to make a new video for the reissue." I filed the film away carefully..  fast forward to August 2011.

I decide to dig out the roll of super 8 film and digitise it, ready for editing. Can I find it? No. Searched all my boxes, twice. Still couldn't find it. Searched them a third time. Found it. I remembered only one roll of film tho  - when I eventually relocated where I'd carefully stashed it, there was three rolls. Score. Two colour, one black and white roll. Some of the footage originally appeared in the video for Rewind, back in 94, so I'm guessing it was shot by Clinton Phillips.

So, with the generous assistance of video editor Justin Redding (thank you!), here's a suitably grimy clip for the noisy punk blast of God gave us Boom Boom Washington. Enjoy, and please share it round.

Oh, and the tracklisting for the reissue is up over at Picassocore. Go have a look.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mr Chop

Mr Chop dropped a very tasty album a while back of instrumental covers based on the production work of hiphop producer Pete Rock -  called For Pete's Sake. Free download of his version of TROY here.

His latest effort came out recently, and is called Switched On. It's inspired by famous Moog albums by the likes of Dick Hyman. There's a killer version of Studio One reggae jam Greedy G in there too [listen below], amongst the funky JBs/Can covers. This is a delightfully twisted album full of dirty drums and squelchy synths.

From Now Again Records site: "We’re pleased to present – in association with Five Day Weekend – Mr. Chops’s Switched On over the course of a 9” single and a 2×10” LP. By now you know all about the man – but, in case you need a primer: Chop is a producer, engineer, multi-instrumentalist and the proprietor of Cheshire, UK based Ape Recording Studios, one of the finest analog studios in the world…. and a repository for vintage synthesisers, guitars, drums and gear sourced from the world over.

Thus, Switched On is a natural album: Chop’s homage to the great Moog-lead albums that proliferated in the wake of the synthesizer’s invention in the late 60s and early 70s. Unlike those records – like Dick Hyman’s Age of Electronicus, which contained one great synth-funk track [listen] amidst a series of soft pop hits – this album is all killer, and no filler. Mr. Chop tackles songs by the likes of Can, the JBs, Jimi Hendrix and Jimmy Smith via a still-futuristic blend of heavy drums by The Heliocentrics’ Malcolm Catto and his own fuzzy guitars and cosmic keys."

LP and CD presented in a thick cardboard “tip-on” sleeve. Colored-vinyl 9” presented in a clear, heavy vinyl jacket." Listen/buy it here.

Free download of Mr Chop - Happy Birthday here.

01. Hung-Up
02. Root Down (& Get It)
03. Breakthrough
04. Givin’ Up Food For Funk
05. Blow Your Head
06. Deep Gully
07. Greedy G
08. Happy Birthday
09. Vitamin C
10. Cortex

UB40 declared bankrupt

Via Prefix mag: A British judge has declared reggae outfit UB40 bankrupt in a Birmingham County Court, according to reports fromNME. The court order apparently lasts for 12 months and means that officials could potentially seize property to make up for the band's debts. This news comes after the group already saw their record label and management company fail in the past few years.

As UB40 fans likely know, the order only applies to four of the group's members as former frontman Ali Campbell quit the band in 2008 over a financial dispute. Looks like he made the right move. He said the following in a statement regarding his former band's woes: "This is the very reason why I left the band. This was my biggest fear when I was with them, that bankruptcy was going to happen and no one can say I didn't warn them."

In 2008 Ali told NME that “References to Ali Campbell leaving UB40 to pursue a solo career are erroneous and misleading,” [he] said in a statement. “Ali Campbell has been requesting financial and other information from the business managers of UB40 for a number of years through appointed representatives and now through Hextalls.

"There has been a complete failure to supply any adequate financial information, causingAli Campbell to question why it is being withheld particularly when so much time has passed. It is this failure that has led to the breakdown between Ali Campbell and the business managers of UB40 and ultimately to Ali Campbell’s departure.”

Ali Campbell is headlining next year's Raggamuffin Festival, which has cancelled its Australian leg, but will go ahead in NZ.

Previous posts: Raggamuffin cancels Aust shows, Raggamuffin rumblings, Herbs vs Raggamuffin

Monday, October 17, 2011

pon da re-edit

Found this chap via Morgan, cheers fella. Ladies and gents, Danny Massure of Los Angeles, and his many fine re-edits.

Booker T. & The MG's - Hip Hug-Her (Danny Massure Edit) new DL link by Danny Massure

 The Budos Band - Aynotchesh Yererfu (Danny Massure edit) by Danny Massure

Billy Preston - Outta-Space (Danny Massure Edit) by Danny Massure

Lonnie Liston Smith - Expansions (Danny Massure edit) by Danny Massure

Joe Bataan- Chick-a-Boom (Danny Massure edit) by Danny Massure

okay just one more.. hiphop vocals from Naughty By Nature over a reggae beat from Tommy McCook...

Heatwave Jamboree (Naughty by Nature & Tommy McCook) new DL link by Danny Massure

Born scrappy

Labour announced their ICT policy today (it leaked yesterday, via Whaleoil). Some of its ideas include expanding the role of NZ On Screen, and reviewing the Copyright Act and scrappng the provision that allows the introduction of internet account suspension as a penalty. More here.

"Labour would investigate making New Zealand music, TV shows and music available on an online platform funded through a small copyright levy on internet access, if it forms the next government ... The party has released its information and communications technology policy ahead of the election next month.

Key points include combining the regulation of telecommunications and broadcasting – with potential ramifications for SkyTV – a greater emphasis on open source software in government and more resources for developing IT skills and for schemes to take technology to lower socio-economic areas.

Technology and communications spokeswoman Clare Curran said it would consider expanding the online film and TV archive NZ On Screen to become a platform for accessing New Zealand-made content such as movies, TV shows and music. Consumers could pay a small copyright levy on internet access, which would provide funds for the digital platform and for content creators.

"The idea needs more work, but in the absence of a mechanism to aggregate New Zealand content that seems like a good place to start," she said.

Most of the commenters on that story seem resistant to the idea of an internet tax, funnily enough.

Noel Pointer, Livin for the city

Back in the 70s there was several fruity cats in the jazz flute world who liked taking their shirts off on their album covers, see Grover Washington Jr or Herbie Mann. Today I discovered a new variation on that, while digging in Real Groovy - jazz violinists who also follow suit. See above cover.

This fellow is Noel Pointer, from his debut album, Phantazia, released on Blue Note in 1977. According to the liner notes, Pointer was born and raised in Brooklyn NY, and started playing violin in the fourth grade. He made his solo debut performing Vivaldi with the Symphony of the New World Orchestra at 13 years old (source), followed by guest solo appearances with the Chicago Chamber Orchestra and Detroit Symphony Orchestra. Killer jam is Pointer's version of Livin for the city. Listen below.

Dusty Grooves describe the album as "Sweet electric fusion from violinist Noel Pointer – a player so great, you'll forget that he's using an instrument you normally associate with sleepier music! Like others of the 70s generation, Pointer plays the violin in a way that's clearly heavily influenced by keyboards of the time – electric in amplification, and worked in a mode that uses the instrument to create waves of sound that flow out amongst the tighter fusion rhythms of the set. Dave Grusin arranged and produced the set – in his best lean soulful mode of the time – and other players include Earl Klugh, Ralph MacDonald, Steve Gadd, and Grusin himself. Titles include "Mirabella", "Night Song", "Living For The City", "Phantazia", and "Wafaring Stranger".

Pointer played in concert with everyone from the Jacksons, Barry White, to Sammy Davis Jr and  Thelonius Monk. He recorded on sessions for the likes of the Jones Girls, Patrice Rushen, Norman Connors and many more.

He died of a stroke in 1994, a few days short of his 40th birthday. The Noel Pointer Foundation was established in 1995 in his memory, providing scholarships for aspiring violinists.

From the album Direct Hit, from 1981... cool disco funk jam...

Youtube playlist for Noel Pointer (28 tunes)