Tuesday, October 18, 2011

UB40 declared bankrupt

Via Prefix mag: A British judge has declared reggae outfit UB40 bankrupt in a Birmingham County Court, according to reports fromNME. The court order apparently lasts for 12 months and means that officials could potentially seize property to make up for the band's debts. This news comes after the group already saw their record label and management company fail in the past few years.

As UB40 fans likely know, the order only applies to four of the group's members as former frontman Ali Campbell quit the band in 2008 over a financial dispute. Looks like he made the right move. He said the following in a statement regarding his former band's woes: "This is the very reason why I left the band. This was my biggest fear when I was with them, that bankruptcy was going to happen and no one can say I didn't warn them."

In 2008 Ali told NME that “References to Ali Campbell leaving UB40 to pursue a solo career are erroneous and misleading,” [he] said in a statement. “Ali Campbell has been requesting financial and other information from the business managers of UB40 for a number of years through appointed representatives and now through Hextalls.

"There has been a complete failure to supply any adequate financial information, causingAli Campbell to question why it is being withheld particularly when so much time has passed. It is this failure that has led to the breakdown between Ali Campbell and the business managers of UB40 and ultimately to Ali Campbell’s departure.”

Ali Campbell is headlining next year's Raggamuffin Festival, which has cancelled its Australian leg, but will go ahead in NZ.

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