Thursday, October 20, 2011

Beats in our backyard - Ghana

New project from Nick D (Making Tracks)... check it out.

from beats in our backyard ghana

"Yaw Boetang is from Accra - the capital city of Ghana. I visited Ghana last year and met with Yaw over there and i've got to say it's one of the craziest places I've ever been.

Ghana is a former British colony in West Africa and it has a reputation for some of the greatest music in all of the continent. Yaw, who was a teacher back in Ghana came out to New Zealand to further his studies and once he arrived he noticed a lack in the music of his homeland, so almost immediately made it his mission to take the sounds of Afro-beat to New Zealand with his band Zoh-Zoh. 

Yaw is one of the most unique people i've ever met, he's got a charm and a warmth like no other and seeing him perform onstage is like nothing else. He's a true showman

About Beats In Our Backyard with Nick Dwyer

Beats In Our Backyard is an exploration of New Zealand's multi-culture through music. All my life I've been all consumed with the discovery of new music and over the last ten years I've been traveling the world in search of new and exotic sounds from all around the globe - especially in the last 4 years with a TV series I present and direct called 'Making Tracks'. 

Last year I was given the opportunity to host at the Auckland Cultural Festival and it was really then that I realised the extent of our ethnic diversity. From Burundi and Somalia in Africa to Mongolia and Nepal in Asia to nearly every Caribbean island nation - New Zealand is home to over 150 different nations - each of these people has an extraordinary story to tell, and for alot of them the best way to do that is through their music, which they are all incredibly proud of. 

The idea behind Beats In Our Backyard is to shine the spotlight on these communities and their music, and hopefully as a by-product you'll learn a little bit more about your relatively new neighbours along the way."

Watch the bonus features in this series: Yaws Human Percussion, Yaws Balls and Singing, Pidgin Lesson (below)

Smart Network has a range of contributors, 14 in all - only two women tho. Project is from Telecom NZ.

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