Saturday, October 08, 2011

Tourettes: vandalism 101, an educational video

Way back in May 2010, Real Groove wrote a major piece on the state on NZ On Air music funding. One of the artists who was very vocal in their criticism of NZ On Air was Tourettes (see this transcript). He had dealt with numerous funding rejections (going back to 2001), and was so fed up, he had decided to up sticks and move to Oz to further his career.

Fast forward to 2011, and Tourettes has got a record deal - with a NZ label, and has moved back here. And wonders of wonders, the revamped NZOA funding scheme now has room to accommodate his talents. Its a topsy turvy world.

So what does Tourettes do with our tax dollars? Makes a video where he give a bunch of kids hammers and baseball bats, dresses them up as thugs, and teaches them how to trash a car. Genius. Give this man more money right now, NZOA.

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