Friday, August 19, 2011

Pukkelpop stage collapses

Kiwi band Naked and Famous are on the bill at the three-day Pukkelpop Festival in Belgium. A storm ripped thru the event Thursday and caused the Chateau stage to collapse, killing three people and injuring about 70. The band Smith Westerns were playing on the Chateau stage when it collapsed, read their comments in this report from Pitchfork.

TVNZ reported that "Kiwi band The Naked And Famous were due to play at the festival overnight, but the show was cancelled following the storm. The band used their Twitter page to explain they were all ok.
"Pukkelpop has been destroyed by the worst storm we have ever been in. Please everyone: help each other," they tweeted.

TV3 reported that "The Auckland band, The Naked and Famous, had just performed for a crowd of 60,000 when a storm caused the stage to collapse into the audience... The Naked and Famous had just completed their performance on the stage before the storm and released this statement through their agent; “The Naked and Famous and their stage crew are safe but our thoughts are with those directly affected by the tragedy and their families”.

If TVNZ had checked the Pukkelpop website for the playing times, they would have seen that the band had finished their set at 5,.25pm, and the Smith Westerns set started at 6.15pm. So the Naked and Famous weren't due to play, they had already played.

And TV3 seems to be suggesting the stage where Naked and Famous had just finished performing when a storm caused their stage to collapse. If TV3 had checked the Pukkelpop website schedule, they would have seen the Naked and Famous were on the Club stage, and the stage that was reported as having collapsed was the Chateau stage.

And hats off to TV3 and Radio NZ for trying to contact the Naked and Famous via Twitter today asking for interviews. Neither bothered to say please. Manners, people.

Express yourself

Via Cut Collective, they got a written response to their petition from Auckland Council, noting that the Council's call for Expressions of Interest in repainting the mural has been dropped by Council. They have decided not to proceed with any of the proposals submitted. Something is on the way tho...

Read the letter here.

ADDED August 23, 2011: The Auckland Council has agreed to let Askew handle the reinstatement of the mural. From Askew's blog, posted earlier today:

"A couple of weeks ago I met with Rob Garret who is Auckland Council’s public arts facilitator and we came to a very amicable agreement – one that is going to enable a positive outcome that will benefit everyone involved and hopefully also benefit many others.

The Council agreed to withdraw their call for submissions for the new mural and have instead agreed to make a settlement with me on behalf of the artists. I was asked to price out a fair figure on par with what we would charge for a similar sized mural work in a commercial situation. I came up with the figure of $10,440.00 which breaks down like this:

Materials: $3,460.00
Access Equipment: $1,100.00
Artist fees: $5,700.00

This morning we found that the amount of $10,440.00 + GST had been deposited into our account and as promised we put it to some charitable causes – after we paid the GST direct to the Government of course! This is where the money went:

$4,394.00 - Red Cross Christchurch Earthquake Appeal
$4,394.00 – Canterbury SPCA Earthquake Appeal

And in light of the passing of NYC graffiti Legend Case2 last week – we donated the remaining $1,316.00 USD needed to reach their goal of $5,400.00 for his funeral costs.

So that’s the first aspect of this all sorted – what about the art work?

At this stage – we can’t paint the replacement mural at Poynten Tce but in the next couple of weeks I will seek to talk directly with the landlords there and see if we can just return things back to the way it was. We will paint and maintain that site again if possible.

In the mean time, The K’ Road Business Association have come to us with an alternative location, which is the side of 420/Rising Sun etc, the side facing the motorway. In an ideal world we will paint both locations or at the very least just the 420 spot but I have pulled together a fantastic team of local artists to get involved and will make more announcements about the project as it develops. At this stage it will likely be towards the end of the year as everyone involved are over-committed with their own projects for at least the next 2 months..."

Monday, August 15, 2011

Jules Issa - Sweet child

Jules Issa - Sweet child, found this on NZ On Air Hit Disc #5, with the Deepgrooves catalog no DG017. Don't know if it got a physical release as a single, unlike Issa's Dangerous Game. I also previously found two other single covers online, for the songs Discomfort in their eyes, and Found in you.

UPDATED Found In you was a mini album featuring Sweet child, but in a different mix from the one above.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Splore lineup

Splore Festival returns to the beach next year, February 17-19. Their first lineup announcement has some tasty acts...

Gappy Ranks
The Barons of Tang
Shortee Blitz
Earl Gateshead (Trojan Sound System)
Tiki Taane’s acoustic show
The Yoots (Hopepa of Fat Freddys)
Lord Echo and His Melodies (Mike Fab of the Black Seeds)
A Hori Buzz
The Nudge

Tickets, info from Early bird tickets have already sold out, 2nd tier tickets on sale now. $185 plus booking fee from

More info on the acts from the Splore peeps...

Gappy Ranks
One of Britain’s hottest reggae/dancehall artists ,  Gappy Ranks is set to give Splore attendees a heady mixture of seductive reggae and hip shaking dancehall grooves. Gappy has worked with US rapper Twista and UK MC Lethal B plus producers the Kray Twinz.  It will be their first time to New Zealand.

Earl Gateshead
A London pioneer of reggae soundsystems Earl ‘s DJ lineage goes back to the late seventies in Brixton and later Soho and East London clubs where he worked alongside Big Youth, Dennis Alcapone, Adrian Sherwood and Bobby Digital. The selector for the Trojan Sound System juggernaut Earl returns to Splore to deliver a delightful dose of conscious, positive reggae music.

Shortee Blitz
Those who caught Shortee’s blistering party set at Splorecity in February will know what Shortee will bring to the beach at Splore 2012. Shortee Blitz is a UK hip hop legend … MOBO award winner, dj to the stars’ own private parties and host of London Kiss FM’s seminal hip hop show since 1994, Shortee will have you dancing like its hot at Splore’s Jagermeister DJ Stage this summer.

Splore welcomes the return of  Aotearoa’s favourite son to the Main Stage for an acoustic set with special backing from Optimus Gryme. Yes, you guessed it. .. a heady mix of beautiful ballads and some soaring bass-backed vocals from the crowd-pleasing Tiki Taane. Probably no NWA covers though … sorry.

The Yoots
The Yoots will be bringing their summer magic to Splore next February. The invention of  flamboyant Fat Freddy’s Drop trombonist Hopepa (aka Jo Lindsay)  and ten of his close muso mates who will be skanking out some classic Maori tunes for the Splore massive to sing along to. Think  calypso-ska waiata with a dose of country soul.... by the beach. Tu meke!

First time to New Zealand for an exclusive show at Splore this world class Australia duo are accomplished musicians who bring great electronic beats and hip hop to life with a touch of Cuban-influenced rhythms. Hermitude’s innovative show will endear you forever to our cuzzies over the ditch.

Barons of Tang
Leaving a swathe of dancehall destruction on their first NZ tour earlier this year this Melbourne muso collective are returning to play their high energy mash-up of tango, rockabilly, metal and gypsy funk.  If you haven’t experienced this irrepressible musical juggernaut grab your friends at Splore and dance like a dervish.

Lord Echo and His Melodies
Lord Echo and His Melodies will make their Auckland debut at Splore 2012. Presenting the debut "Melodies"  album the band includes three sets of brothers - Sam and Jo Lindsay, Dan and Chris Yeabsley and of course Lord Echo and his dear brother Danny Pash. Also involved are Toby 'Clubba' Laing, Riki 'Daddy' Gooch, and Lucien 'I hate the Beatles' Johnson. With special guest singer Jennifer Betancourt on hand to recreate the sublime melodies you know and love.

The debut performance at Splore will be the first taste Aucklanders will have to savour a rustic mix of Disco-Reggae-Latin-Afrobeat silliness. In reality, 'Melodies' represents the better part of a decade’s sweat and toil from Black Seeds guitarist and producer Mike Fabulous.

The Nudge
The Wellington three piece led by Ryan Prebble that is gaining an enthusiastic following from their blistering live shows. This is cosmic blues and roots music at its best. Hendrix and Blind Lemon Jefferson anyone?

The new project from Aaron Tokona (Weta, Cairo Knife Fight and Bongmaster)  with Hori and Nick Gaffeney laying down a mean rhythm section. The Wellington trio head to Splore to inflict its free-wheeling brand of funk and soul.


"I assure you that a very small percentage of the graffiti fraternity actually have any genuine artistic talent" - Rob Shields, Auckland Council's graffiti prevention officer.

Rock in time

Early Picassos, from 91, produced w Mark Tierney at BFM for the Freak The Sheep compilation put together by the lovely Lisa Van Der Aarde, our manager, and host of the BFM show of the same name.


Two fine tunes from Phyllis Dillon, first, her cover of Marlena Shaw's Woman of the ghetto (available on 100% Dynamite comp), and then one of my fave reggae sevens, Rocksteady...