Monday, August 29, 2011

Musical chairs

There has been a lot of musical chairs in music magazines here recently.

Rip It Up editor Phil Bell (DJ Sirvere) departed for the program director's role at MaiFM, and has been replaced by Leonie Hayden (ex editor, Groove Guide).

Sam Wicks, former Real Groove editor who replaced Hayden as Groove Guide editor before Tangible Media ditched the title, has landed a plum role editing a new magazine start-up for APN (NZ Herald, Listener) due to launch early September - it's called Volume. Groove Guide is now edited by its new owner, Grant Hislop.

Lydia Jenkin, assistant editor at NZ Musician, has replaced Jacqueline Smith at the NZ Herald's Timeout entertainment section. New assistant editor for NZ Musician is Ren Kirk.  Whew.

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