Monday, August 29, 2011

Making Tracks latest decisions

113 applications were received in this round, with each song put through its paces by a panel of seven industry types including Sarah Gandy (91ZM), Daniel Wrightson (Juice TV), James Meharry (RDU) Damian Vaughan (APRA), Andrew Tidball (Cheese On Toast), Scott Muir ( and Olly Harmer (The Lab).

Out of the 34 projects selected, 11 artists will receive up to $10,000 for recording a song and making a video and a further 23 artists will receive $6,000 to make a video.

The following artists and projects will receive up to $10,000 to record a song and make a video.

All The Colours/Love Like This
Derty Sesh/Wanna Be Alone
Justyn featuring Eiko/Blood Type B
Rackets/Karma Is A Drag
Ria/Will You Be The One
The Babysitters Circus/Everything’s Going To Be Alright
The Unfaithful Ways/Trouble
Tommy Ill/Birdbath
Villainy/The Answer
Without Conscious Thought featuring Zu/Burn The City

The following artists and projects will receive $6,000 to make a video.

1995/Love Your Ghost
At Peace/Home
Coast/The Dream Away
Crushington featuring Armanni Reign/Pushin’
Ed Musik/A Song Falls In The Woods
Fiord & Tim Richards/Another Day
Funkommunity/Pass It On
Glass Vaults/Gold Star
Joe Blossom/Neon Beaus
J Williams/Live It Up
Ladi6/Jazmine DL
Leno Lovecraft/Scandalous
Machete Justice/The Ballad Of Bubba J White
Midnight Youth/Who Said You’re Free
Module/The Pieces Fit
Mt Eden/Bang
Panther & The Zoo/Do Whatever
Ruby Frost/Porcupine
Saving Grace/Oaxaca
She’s So Rad/Circles
Tyson Tyler featuring Jae’O/My Life

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