Friday, August 19, 2011

Pukkelpop stage collapses

Kiwi band Naked and Famous are on the bill at the three-day Pukkelpop Festival in Belgium. A storm ripped thru the event Thursday and caused the Chateau stage to collapse, killing three people and injuring about 70. The band Smith Westerns were playing on the Chateau stage when it collapsed, read their comments in this report from Pitchfork.

TVNZ reported that "Kiwi band The Naked And Famous were due to play at the festival overnight, but the show was cancelled following the storm. The band used their Twitter page to explain they were all ok.
"Pukkelpop has been destroyed by the worst storm we have ever been in. Please everyone: help each other," they tweeted.

TV3 reported that "The Auckland band, The Naked and Famous, had just performed for a crowd of 60,000 when a storm caused the stage to collapse into the audience... The Naked and Famous had just completed their performance on the stage before the storm and released this statement through their agent; “The Naked and Famous and their stage crew are safe but our thoughts are with those directly affected by the tragedy and their families”.

If TVNZ had checked the Pukkelpop website for the playing times, they would have seen that the band had finished their set at 5,.25pm, and the Smith Westerns set started at 6.15pm. So the Naked and Famous weren't due to play, they had already played.

And TV3 seems to be suggesting the stage where Naked and Famous had just finished performing when a storm caused their stage to collapse. If TV3 had checked the Pukkelpop website schedule, they would have seen the Naked and Famous were on the Club stage, and the stage that was reported as having collapsed was the Chateau stage.

And hats off to TV3 and Radio NZ for trying to contact the Naked and Famous via Twitter today asking for interviews. Neither bothered to say please. Manners, people.

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