Thursday, August 04, 2011

Three strikes

"Think milk is expensive? How about a $15,000 fine… even if you yourself haven’t done anything wrong...."

Our new copyright law comes into effect on September 1. Copyright holders can starts collecting information on offenders from August 11 (21 days prior to the law taking effect). This means that if you have P2P software on your computer, you will most likely get caught. Best thing to do is delete it. 

InternetNZ have set up a very useful site ThreeStrikes, outlining what the new law means for you, and what it covers. Go have a read.

More info: From next week, P2P in New Zealand is illegal (explains how rights holders will track P2P/torrenting software and why it will be detected, even if you are not using it.)

excerpt.. "Apparently many rightsholders are using the BitTorrent DHT (distributed hash table) to find infringing users. This is terrible practice, because a BitTorrent client, simply by running (even if it has never downloaded or uploaded anything, let alone anything infringing), participates in the DHT and passes on information about which peer to get files from - and some of those files may be infringing.

A rightsholder using this method can't distinguish between clients simply participating in the DHT, and those actually sharing the file.

This applies to not just BitTorrent, but any other P2P software using a DHT, eg. eMule, LimeWire, BearShare, Shareaza, giFT clients..."

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