Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Lions go 45

The Lions are a Southern Californian outfit who play some great old style reggae vibes. Their wicked cover of  Think (James Brown/Lnn Collins) was killer, and their debut album Jungle Struttin on Ubiquity, was a well-refined effort.

They're back with a new album, this time on Stonesthrow... (and don't forget, Stonesthrow mainman Peanutbutter Wolf is DJing in Akld on Jan 26...)

"ANNOUNCING: THE LIONS - THIS GENERATION - 45s. There will be no 12-inch LP edition of The Lions album This Generation. We're going all out for 45s on this one - a box with 8 records including the album's 12 tracks, and 4 bonus dub tracks not available on the CD or digital release. Expected ship date is Feb 26.

And we have one more track: "Padre Ichiro" Dub version by Bill "DJ Prophesy" Wendt who works with Dub Club & Glitch Mob. This track will not be on the album -- available only here and our digital subscription at Drip FM."

Ring The Alarm playlist, BaseFM, Jan 19

Western roots - Bogus buddy
Pavlov and Mishkin - The dog
Mike Zoot feat Laba - Spread love
Dillinger - Detention
Henry and the revolutionaries - Skanking
Pinvhers - Bandolero
Tenor Saw - Have u loved somebody dub
Nextmen feat Cutty Ranks - Silent weapon
Romanowski and Doze Green - Strudel strut
Skyy - Here's to you
Temptations - What it is
Fatback band - Do the Spanish hustle - Danny K edit
Soul searchers -We the people - Danny K edit
Gay Flamingoes steel band - Black mans cry
James Brown - Stone to the bone
Maxayn - Bailout
Wu tang clan - Gravel pit - LP version
Eric B and Rakim - I know you got soul
Grandmaster Flash - The message - Paul Nice super duty mashup
Richie Phoe feat Dangerman - First class mi run
King Everand - Kill old pan
Waldeck - Floater - Dubblestandart mix
Rhythm and sound feat Willi Williams - See mi yah
Rhythm and sound feat Sugar Minott - Let Jah love come
Rhythm and sound feat Jah Cotton - Dem never know

Friday, January 18, 2013

Breaks Co-op video

Popped up on the revived deepgrooves website, they say "We maybe shot three, possibly four videos for the Roofers album. So far we have found three, but we are pretty certain there were four. This one for SUCH THE SPOT was shot in 1997 over two Sunday afternoons in Harajuku. We will post up the other clips shortly."

Breaks Co-op got funding from NZ On Air for three music videos - Sound advice, Transistor, and Such the spot.If a fourth video did happen, it could have something to do with this....

John Oz of the band Freaker, also on Deepgrooves and recipient of two NZOA video grants, mentioned over in the comments of 5000ways that  "...Deepgrooves never produced any videos for my tracks, the money was apparently spent on Breaks Co-op. I did feel completely ripped off, I understand “Mutilator” was the first instrumental track to receive funding from NZ on Air. I am however really happy for Breaks Co-op, Zane was very supportive of me and my project. The financial decisions were not made by the artists."

Lee Fields, 56 Oldsmobile

In which Mr Lee Fields gets driven to a gig in Holland in a 56 Oldsmobile, like the one is father had. The show is in a church. Incredible acoustics, and Lee's performance is electric. BVs from Lady (also on Truth and Soul Records). Watch it. Via Rolling Stone.

".. The Dutch production company behind the video, Sensu, selected the majestic venue for Fields.  "Filming the video in an old medieval church was the most humbling and spiritual experience I have ever encountered," Fields says."

Hey Bo Diddley! 1969

Watch Bo Diddley shake. Watch him shimmy, Watch him rock out all over the show like that badass uncle you never had. Video via Surfadelic.

Now go buy some Bo Diddley tunes, cos that will make you a better person.Cos he's an original.

First time I saw him play this song on a live clip was on a vhs tape compilation of the TAMI Show, and it looked like this... and check out his band, stylish mofos to the last drop...

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Awesome Tapes From Africa DJ Set in AK

Via Cheese On Toast, this sounds way cool... "Brooklyn’s unchallenged authority on rare African cassette tape jams – Mr Brian Shimkovitz who runs the very excellent blog AWESOME TAPES FROM AFRICA is going to be DJing in Auckland for one night only next week…
Playing at Golden Dawn on Tuesday 22 January – entry is free!

some background... via The Wire...

Collateral Damage: Awesome Tapes From Africa's Brian Shimkovitz
May 2012

Digital transparency has revealed dimensions to African music beyond Western received ideas. But how to market it sympathetically, asks Brian Shimkovitz

"I started Awesome Tapes From Africa (ATFA) as a way to make artefacts available from the cassette based music economy I have encountered around Africa. Something that began quite innocently as a means of filling the wide gaps in international music distribution – nearly every musician and producer I’ve met in West Africa wants to find a way to get their music beyond their borders – has become a spark in the often fiery debates surrounding suspected post-colonial tendencies of the Western music industry vis-à-vis the developing world.

My fascination with tape culture in West Africa led to the rather ironic activity of spreading analogue recordings via digital technology. It’s a pursuit that adds to outsiders’ appreciation of the breadth of musical subcultures in myriad African regions, many of which have been passed over by the otherwise excellent labels which have released music from the continent...."

Rodriguez live in NZ

photo: Marina Akwa/Glow Mag
Just announced, Rodriguez is playing live in NZ in March - Wellington Town Hall March 16, and Auckland's Logan Campbell Concrete Centre, March 17. Tickets in sale from Ticketek from Jan 29.

Stinky Jim soundz

Brand new solo bizz from the mighty stenchmiester, go grab it!

Jim sez "Well this should have happened on New Years Day, or considerably earlier considering it’s been kicking around in Maschine since 2010, but finally knocked this somewhat unclassifiable tune off and lets call it a celebration of 500 Soundcloud peeps tuning in. "

"It’s permanently available as a free download, and it also heralds the start of binging some more of my solo-dolo tunes up as they get to a stage of ..if not completion, at least some sort of finality. Next up will be something completely different and considerably fresher… keep ‘em peeled.Hope you enjoy, as ever big thanks to Mr Mo Delay for his invaluable mix assist and mastering touch…….

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Lost Tribe

Lost Tribe were on Phil Fuemana's label Urban Pacifika Records. They dropped the killer single Summer in the winter (video here) in 1997 (there's no date on the cd single, so think it was then - the single charted in the top 20 in Sept 97), here's a clip of them rehearsing in 96.

Video posted by Lost Tribe's Johnny Sagala aka Jestar, who writes "Sinbad the original member of Lost Tribe from 1995 to early 1997 had made a decision to walk the Christian walk, leaving the group to find a replacement that "KD - Kilo Delta" was adopted into the crew time for the single "Summer in da Winta"

Jestar on the above video: "You'll never see Brotha D with short hair or Jestar with Long hair again or Sinbad cuz he's building Houses or SonTan cuz he's an Australian proud father of two beautiful girls ... until you've seen this classic piece of history in how Otara hip hop became the seed to kicking off Dawnraid International. Two nights before we shot this we were down at the Basement night club with Phill Fuemana introducing ourselves to each other as the new UPR rap crew that needs a new name. Then Lost Tribe was born."

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Go go gadgets!

Here's some interesting numbers on gadget prices from the NZ govt statistician...

The average price of a radio [in 1949] was about £21, or about $1460 in today’s terms.

Colour TV sets were around $80 in 1975 ($7950 in today’s terms) for a 26-inch set.

Typewriters were included in the CPI basket in 1977, when the average price was $175 (about $1030 today).

In 2006, a 32-inch LCD-display TV retailed at about $2750. The same size TV in the September 2012 quarter would have cost about $680.

Source: From typewriters to tablets – the changing face and price of technology

UK music retailer HMV in trouble

Via BBC: "Music and DVD chain HMV, which employs about 4,350 staff, has confirmed it will appoint an administrator, making it the latest High Street casualty. Deloitte will run the 239-store chain while it assesses prospects for the business and seeks potential buyers ...
In a statement late on Monday the company said: "The board regrets to announce that it has been unable to reach a position where it feels able to continue to trade outside of insolvency protection...

... As its debts mounted, HMV sold off parts of the business, notably its live entertainment arm and the Waterstones book chain.

Last week, HMV announced a month-long sale with 25% off prices, sparking worries that the company needed to shift stock after poor Christmas trading. The Financial Times reported that the final straw came over the past few days when suppliers, including music labels and film companies, declined to help HMV with funding so that it could continue trading...

Neil Saunders, the managing director of retail analyst Conlumino, said he felt the appointment of administrators at HMV "was always inevitable. In the digital era, where 73.4% of music and film are downloaded, HMV's business model has simply become increasingly irrelevant and unsustainable.

He said that although the HMV brand "certainly has some value" for potential buyers, the current business model was dead. TThe bottom line is that there is no real future for physical retail in the music sector," he said.

Updated Jan 22: Major record labels assemble rescue package for struggling HMV, via NME

Free Mo Kolours

Taken from the forthcoming OHM release, EP3: Tusk Dance. Pre-order the 12" here:

More info: "Anglo-Mauritian pop-experimentalist Mo Kolours completes his trilogy of EPs for One-Handed Music with EP3: Tusk Dance. The most introspective collection so far, Tusk Dance is the best opportunity yet to glimpse the otherworldly visions of this unique singer, producer and percussionist.

Mo Kolours’ first two releases have established him as a singular voice as he explores the rhythmic possibilities of his mix of soul, dub, hip hop, the Sega music of his homeland, and various electronic styles."

Monday, January 14, 2013

Golden Dawn shifts to town?

Crane next door to Golden Dawn, cnr Ponsonby and Richmond Rds. Photos by Peter McLennan.
Golden Dawn is a popular bar in Ponsonby, but it needs a new home. Only ever intended as a temporary popup bar-type arrangement, the owners have kept it open as I imagine it has proved a good money earner for them.

Redevelopment plans on that site and next door mean it will most likely have to move by the end of summer, according to their Facebook page. The lot adjacent to them has been vacated by the Mini car dealership, and is now a construction site with foundations being drilled, and so on.

Former council depot, corner Wellesley and Nelson sts,
Weighstation pictured below, with Sale St and Glengarrys behind

One rumoured new location for Golden Dawn is at the revamped City Works Depot, in the former weigh station, near the corner of Nelson and Wellesley st (photo above).

[Update, Jan 15: Golden Dawn's Matthew Crawley contacted me via Twitter to say the "Sale St rumour is popular but false + looks like we've got this spot for a while yet."]

[Update Jan 20 - the Sunday Star Times reports that Bauer Media (ex ACP Magazines) has signed up to move in to City Works, and Foodtruck Garage and Al Brown are also confirmed as taking on a lease.]

[Update Jan 30 -NZ Herald's Viva section confirmed today that Al Brown is opening a bagel bakery in City Works, along with a New York-style deli in Federal st.]

After the two previous owners failed to get major redevelopment of the site up and running - most recently with a office/apartment project called Rhubarb Lane - the site is now owned by a car parking company, Tournament Parking, who have previously been using the space for parking for several years, while developers chased finance.

Unfortunately Tournament have stripped the site of all established trees, and painted out the extensive graffiti art murals, so as not to frighten off car owners, or new tenants, like ad agency Y&R, or Brothers Brewery. Al Brown is also rumoured to be starting a new venture there, a Montreal-style bagel joint. The site has major limitations for entertainment venues, as there are hundreds of apartments all round the site, which means noise will be a problem.

It's evolving into a vibrant spot again, after previous incarnations as art gallery spaces or the cafe Deus Ex Machina. But did they have to white out the walls?

Brothers Brewery, excellent spot for a cold beverage or two.

Photos by Peter McLennan.

Wilson Parking have done the same with their upper Symond st parking spot, painting out the graffiti murals that have been there for many years. Those parking companies really love bland walls.

At the time of purchase, last February, James Brown of Tournament told the NZ Herald that "We have no plans to undertake a big redevelopment. Our plan is to restore the existing buildings and then refurbish them."

The depot was originally built for the Auckland City Council in 1968, and designed by Ewen Wainscott. They won awards from the New Zealand Institute of Architects in 1969 and 1970. See construction photos here.