Friday, January 18, 2013

Breaks Co-op video

Popped up on the revived deepgrooves website, they say "We maybe shot three, possibly four videos for the Roofers album. So far we have found three, but we are pretty certain there were four. This one for SUCH THE SPOT was shot in 1997 over two Sunday afternoons in Harajuku. We will post up the other clips shortly."

Breaks Co-op got funding from NZ On Air for three music videos - Sound advice, Transistor, and Such the spot.If a fourth video did happen, it could have something to do with this....

John Oz of the band Freaker, also on Deepgrooves and recipient of two NZOA video grants, mentioned over in the comments of 5000ways that  "...Deepgrooves never produced any videos for my tracks, the money was apparently spent on Breaks Co-op. I did feel completely ripped off, I understand “Mutilator” was the first instrumental track to receive funding from NZ on Air. I am however really happy for Breaks Co-op, Zane was very supportive of me and my project. The financial decisions were not made by the artists."

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