Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Lost Tribe

Lost Tribe were on Phil Fuemana's label Urban Pacifika Records. They dropped the killer single Summer in the winter (video here) in 1997 (there's no date on the cd single, so think it was then - the single charted in the top 20 in Sept 97), here's a clip of them rehearsing in 96.

Video posted by Lost Tribe's Johnny Sagala aka Jestar, who writes "Sinbad the original member of Lost Tribe from 1995 to early 1997 had made a decision to walk the Christian walk, leaving the group to find a replacement that "KD - Kilo Delta" was adopted into the crew time for the single "Summer in da Winta"

Jestar on the above video: "You'll never see Brotha D with short hair or Jestar with Long hair again or Sinbad cuz he's building Houses or SonTan cuz he's an Australian proud father of two beautiful girls ... until you've seen this classic piece of history in how Otara hip hop became the seed to kicking off Dawnraid International. Two nights before we shot this we were down at the Basement night club with Phill Fuemana introducing ourselves to each other as the new UPR rap crew that needs a new name. Then Lost Tribe was born."

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