Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Lions go 45

The Lions are a Southern Californian outfit who play some great old style reggae vibes. Their wicked cover of  Think (James Brown/Lnn Collins) was killer, and their debut album Jungle Struttin on Ubiquity, was a well-refined effort.

They're back with a new album, this time on Stonesthrow... (and don't forget, Stonesthrow mainman Peanutbutter Wolf is DJing in Akld on Jan 26...)

"ANNOUNCING: THE LIONS - THIS GENERATION - 45s. There will be no 12-inch LP edition of The Lions album This Generation. We're going all out for 45s on this one - a box with 8 records including the album's 12 tracks, and 4 bonus dub tracks not available on the CD or digital release. Expected ship date is Feb 26.

And we have one more track: "Padre Ichiro" Dub version by Bill "DJ Prophesy" Wendt who works with Dub Club & Glitch Mob. This track will not be on the album -- available only here and our digital subscription at Drip FM."

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