Thursday, January 17, 2013

Stinky Jim soundz

Brand new solo bizz from the mighty stenchmiester, go grab it!

Jim sez "Well this should have happened on New Years Day, or considerably earlier considering it’s been kicking around in Maschine since 2010, but finally knocked this somewhat unclassifiable tune off and lets call it a celebration of 500 Soundcloud peeps tuning in. "

"It’s permanently available as a free download, and it also heralds the start of binging some more of my solo-dolo tunes up as they get to a stage of ..if not completion, at least some sort of finality. Next up will be something completely different and considerably fresher… keep ‘em peeled.Hope you enjoy, as ever big thanks to Mr Mo Delay for his invaluable mix assist and mastering touch…….

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