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Peanutbutter Wolf of Stonesthrow Records dropped an all-45s set in San Francsico on Friday, alongside Mayer Hawthorne, J-Rocc and Baron Zen. Here's an interview he did with the SF Weekly.

Peanut Butter Wolf on His History with 45s and Why the Vinyl Comeback Is Overhyped.

[excerpt...] Do you think vinyl is making a comeback these days?
No. Overhyped in the media in my opinion.

How extensive is your personal record collection?
Lost track years ago. All I know is I started buying vinyl on a weekly basis in 1979 and still buy it regularly. I just went record shopping yesterday actually. Main difference is from 1979-1986, I only bought "new" records. From 1986-1996, I bought a combination of new and old. From 1996 until now, I mainly buy older records. I buy new music through iTunes, but not new vinyl so much.

Lastly, you don't live in the Bay any more, but what are some things you miss from here?
Of course my family is number one. They all still live in San Jose and I visit them when I can. As for S.F., it would be nice to be able to go to Groove Merchant weekly like I used to, and the restaurants out there can't be beat.

Ticklah vs MIA

Was searching for other remixes by Ticklah after copping his remix from the LA Noire EP, and found this, from a while back.... M.I.A "Steppin Up" (CHLLNGR meets Ticklah DUB). Free download too.

M.I.A "Steppin Up" (CHLLNGR meets Ticklah DUB) by CHLLNGR

Bonus: here's CHLLNGR (from Denmark) reimagining classic reggae tune Truth and Rights as a dubbed out accordion number, remixed by Dr Echo.

CHLLNGR "Truths and Rights" (DR ECHO remix) by CHLLNGR

Ring The Alarm playlist, BaseFM, May 21

Dub traffik control - Bantu
Louis Jordan - Aint nobody here but us chickens - DJ Premier remix
Gay Flamingoes steel band - Caterpilla
Jackie Mittoo - Grand funk
Viceroys - Give it to him
Al Brown - Aint no love in the heart of the city
Blend Mishkin feat BNC - Disco vampire - Turntable dubbers remix
Love Unlimited orchestra - Theme from King Kong - Danny Krivit edit
Dennis Coffey - Ubiquitous - Steinski mix
Charles Bradley - Heart of gold
Chico Mann - Harmonia
Nina Simone - Seeline woman - MAW remix
Sun islanders steel orchestra - Perhaps
Paul Murphy - Soul call
Fat Freddys Drop - Hope - Sonsine remix
The Yoots - Me he manu rere
The Congos - Congoman - Carl Craig edit
Zap Mama -Bandy bandy - Carl Craig remix
Hugh Masekela - Languta
Mayer Hawthorne - Work to do
Hawk - Dont judge a book by its cover
Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Jordan - Stone cold dead in the market - Ticklah remix
Junior Murvin - Jack Slick
Konshens - She loves money
Barrington Levy - Fuss nor fight
Brentford allstars - Greedy G
Nile Rogers - Land of the good groove
Third world orchestra  -Cumbia de Gary
Little dragon - Constant surprises

Friday, May 20, 2011

La cumbia de Gary

From Argentinians Third World Orchestra, some cumbia vibes on Gary Numan to get you warmed up for his AK show tomorrow night.

Third World Orchestra - La Cumbia de Gary by Third World Orchestra

Epsilon-Blue ... get down to business.

(originally published in NZ Musician magazine, 2002)

'We have a responsibility to our shareholders' is the delightfully obtuse title for the latest album from Epsilon-Blue, one of the aliases used by a talented young chap called Leyton, who also records under the names Son Sine, and Rotor+. The different monikers indicate differing styles of electronica, from house to techno to more ambient experimental material.

Epsilon-Blue is best known for the beautiful song One in a Million (from his debut album Waterland'), which has been hugely popular with student radio across the country. That album, released in 1998 on Kog Transmissions, has sold 1500 copies here. The Epsilon-Blue sound is an enticing blend of techno, deep house, and dub, dishing up sexy melodies and funky rhythms.

Leyton started working on his new album about a year ago. "I'd been heavily involved with the Rotor+ album (Aileron), and when that was all done with, I started thinking about, what is the next thing? Is 'it Epsilon-Blue? I didnt know, so I just started writing, and as it went along, it became an Epsilon-Blue album. I wanted to write things that worked sequentially - I'd write a track and then go 'okay, what happens after this track?' It's definitely a journey, with a start, a middle and an end.

"This time I wanted it to be more about the body. The first one was quite mind-orientated. That's how I saw it, anyway. Five of the tracks on the new album are oonsty, they've got a really good pace to them. That sense of movement brings it back to a dance angle. It's about moving."

The recording has been done in The Library (Leyton's studio], surrounded by books, with mix down and mastering completed in Kog Transmissions studio room. The Epsilon-Blue sound is generated with a Mac B3 500 laptop running Logic and Digi 001. Leyton also used an Emu 6400 sampler, Yamaha C52X and 0X100 keyboards, Korg EX8000 and Emu Virtuoso sound modules, and a Yamaha 01V mixing desk.

Vocal contributions on the new album include Bamaby Weir from the Black Seeds on the track We B Moving, Tama Waipara, a New York-based classical oboeist and jazz singer on May U B Free, and Josephine, an Auckland singer/songwriter on U R a Star. The simple, repetitive vocal lines add character to Leyton's highly melodic take on house styles, giving the album a real warmth.

Leyton explains that the delightful album title evolved from thinking about the body. "I was thinking of the earth as a body, this big chunk of rock hurtling through space, an organism complete of itself. Then one morning on the radio, I heard this interview with a CEO talking about restructuring their company, making people redundant. Then he said 'We have a responsibility to our share-holders', and I just laughed out loud. "That's the be all and end all these days, and it just sucks. I thought of the birds, the animals; we're all here, we're all shareholders, we're all sharing this body of the earth."

LA Noire

Rockstar Games and Verve Records have teamed up to drop a very cool comp to celebrate the new game LA Noire. Moodyman remixing Billie Holiday, DJ Premier remixing Louis Jordan. Truth and Soul remixing Gene Krupa, Ticklah remixing a Louis Jordan and Ella Fitzgerald tune and more....

If you're a Wax Poetics US subscriber, you even get two tracks off it on 7"single with your next copy of the mag (#47). It's available now, via iTunes NZ etc. Listen below

L.A. Noire: Remixed by RockstarGames

1. Stone Cold Dead In The Market (Ticklah remix) – Louis Jordan and Ella Fitzgerald
2. Hey-Ba-Ba-Re-Bop (Midnight Sun remix) – Lionel Hampton
3. Slick Chick (David Andrew Sitek remix) – Dinah Washington
4. Ain’t Nobody Here But Us Chickens (DJ Premier remix) – Louis Jordan
5. Sing Sing Sing (Truth & Soul remix) – Gene Krupa
6. That Ol’ Devil Called Love (Moodymann remix) – Billie Holiday

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Jazz herd

Kinda random... was searching Bandcamp for steeldrums and stumbled upon this - beat producer by the name of Chief from Switzerland drops a tribute to Chick Corea. Free download too. Preview below.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Roger Perry: mixing it up

For New Zealand Music Month, I've hauled out some old magazine articles on local musicians and DJs that I wrote a while back. They give you a snapshot of artists earlier in their career...  originally published in NZ Musician magazine June 2001.

Roger Perry has been at the forefront of dance culture here since back in the day when he started DJing at a club run by Russ Le Roq (now known as Russell Crowe).

Roger's name became connected with all the best clubs throughout the '80s, Club Mirage, The Asylum, The Playground and The Siren to name but a few. He spent some time in the UK in the early '90s, returning here in '93, hooking up with the Stylee Crew, a DJ posse comprising DLT, Stinky Jim, Dubhead and Slowdeck.

Roger then drifted away from house - a style of music that he was particularly fond of - but was drawn back to it when promoter Chris O'Donogue from Lightspeed asked him to mix a tape with some of Chris' records, which were fuelled by funk. He started DJing at Calibre nightclub, building its enviable reputation as the happening place for house sounds in the City of Sails.

Late last year saw the release of 'BPM Mix 02', a collection of Roger's favourite DJ tunes covering a bunch of funky dance gems, mixing foreign and local sounds seamlessly. Included are some of Roger's own compositions, put together with Joost Langveld (Unitone Hifi, Subware) as Reactor Music.

Former Box resident DJ Rob Salmon pops up from his New York base with a tune, and Soane's collaboration with UK DJs Dick Johnson and Ben Davis as Troughman gets remixed by Greg Churchill (responsible for 'BPM Mix 01') and Peter Van der Fluit (ex Screaming Meemees). Roger is keen to jump further into production and is now the proud owner of an Akai MPC 2000 sampler. Some of his productions have already been released overseas on vinyl and have also featured on the 'Algoryhthm' compilations from Kog Transmissions, whom he has also worked with, under the Toolbox and Kingsland Housing Project monikers.

"Since I got back into DJing at Calibre and getting into house again, I really like taking two records and messing with the beats, mixing them up. A natural extension of that is getting in the studio and making original music. I'd like to get to the stage where I'm producing music, and DJing a lot less. I'm not so into just being a gun for hire. It's too easy to play yourself out.

"The local tracks (on 'BPM Mix 02') are showing that we're doing it here, and they're all very different too. We've got to push our own thing. I've been in and out of this business for almost half my life now, and I've watched so many people try and emulate the overseas thing. You're never going to see a local identity coming through if you do that. We should be proud of where our music is going."

Given Roger's long involvement in DJing, what does he make of the local dance scene at present?

"From where I'm standing, like, with Gatecrasher, where they get 4,000 people along, that hard house scene, it's like the new rock music. It's a mainstream thing and man, it's getting big. The dance scene here is really good. I travel the country a lot now, and to go to somewhere like Whakatane and get 500 people, by the end of the night all going like this (hands in the air) and loving it, that's crossed over, ay. And it's not radio support for it. I think there's a lot of youth coming through who think differently and like different things."

Top Five tunes? Roger ponders for a minute: "That's a hard one, ay. The Clean - 'Boodle Boodle Boodle'. Anything by The Clash - the way that they took reggae, disco, and punk and mashed it and made something out of it. New Order - 'Everything's Gone Green', or any of their early EPs. And Joy Division - These Days, from the B side of Love Will Tear Us Apart. Definitely anything by Roy Ayers. Masters At Work - Just A Little Dope. Anything by The Fatback Band, Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye.

"Grandmaster Flash on The Wheels of Steel. That's the record that made me go 'Fuck, I want to teach myself how to mix!'. A Certain Ratio - Shack Up. I gave that record to my sister when she moved to Wellington, and I've been looking for that record for 15 years, mate. I picked it up in Dunedin, at Roi Colbert's shop last year. Shack Up was this weird ass funk. Killing Joke - 'Requiem', The Sound - 'In Jeopardy'. With Reactor Music, with Joost, we draw a lot on that period of early '80s music, especially the British stuff, like The Associates, Orange Juice. I couldn't give you just five, but there's a few!"

Vinyl comeback #253, with video

From Al Jazeera English: "A small but devoted following of music lovers is trying to save one curio for the analog dustbin..."

Monday, May 16, 2011

Blue sky

Mayer Hawthorne dropped a new EP last week, here's a video of one of the songs as it was recorded. ELO's Mr Blue Sky. According to Mayer's liner notes, it was recorded live, in one take, in a tiny makeshift tent, at a festival in Dour, Belgium. Read an interview with Mayer about the EP on the LA Times.

X Marx the spot

The Karl Marx Project is the work of Isaac Aesili (Opensouls, Solaa) and Mark McNeil. Their debut release is out now thru European label Melting Pot Music. There's an audio preview of their album up on Soundcloud, with a few free downloads going too. Nice, beaty, bleepy disco electronica.

Karlmarx - The Karlmarx Project (album sampler) by Loopcrew

The album drops June 3 on MPM. There was a limited edition album sampler that dropped on Loop for Record Store  Day in April.

Tu meke!

The Yoots are led by the exuberant Mister Joe Lindsay, aka Ho-Pepa, the man who holds down the trombone for Fat Freddys Drop. He formed the group with his brother Sam in 2006.

They've played at festivals such as the Cuba St Carnival, bringing the warm sound of calypso and ska to the Capital. With this album Sing Along With The Yoots, they've taken the sounds of the Carribean and melded them with Maori songs such as Tutira Mai, and E Papa Waiari, to great effect. It's a glorious collection of tunes that make you want to sing along (as the title would suggest), and The Yoots have thoughtfully provided all the lyrics in the CD booklet. How helpful.

Out now on Economy Records, the folks who bought you the magnificent debut from Lord Echo (aka Mike Fabulous).

The Yoots - Sing along with the Yoots MP3s at Amplifier (incl audio previews), CD at Conch or Mighty Ape

Track listing
1. Nga Iwi E
2. E Papa Waiari
3. Pupu Ake Mai
4. E Te Ariki
5. Me He Manu Rere
6. Huai Huai
7. A, E, I, O, U
8. Ka Ru Ka Ru
9. Hoki Mai
10. Tutira Mai
11. Toia Mai
12. Po Atarau

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Karl Hector and the Malcouns are about to drop a brand new vinyl EP, you can download a track off it for free over at Stonesthrow.

"For all intents and purposes, Karl Hector might as well be another nom-de-plume of Jay Whitefield (producer and guitarist for the Poets of Rhythm and the Whitefield Brothers) who, along with Thomas Myland and Zdenko Curlija, founded Karl Hector and The Malcouns in the early 2000s. Alongside Bo Baral, other members of the Poets of Rhythm and crack Munich-based session musicians, Whitefield, Myland and Curlija crafted nearly twenty tracks for their debut, Sahara Swing, an album that swung with influences from across the African diaspora.

The trio will now release a series of vinyl-only EPs – of which Tamanrasset is the first – that will culminate in their second album. Tamanrasset‘s five songs demonstrate The Malcouns’ deft handling of musics from Eastern and Northern Africa alongside Western psychedelia, jazz and funk; the song “Girma’s Lament” -  its title an homage to the great Ethiopian pianist, arranger and vocalist Girma Beyene -  is a great representation.

High Noon Tea playlist, KiwiFM, May 15

Replays on KiwiFM, Friday 2-4pm NZT. Listen online

International observer - Minicell
Zuvuya - Black sheep
The Yoots - Me he manu rere
Moodswingers - Recede to flourish
Mood unit - Hat trap
Jellphonic and LP - Beatsreal flip
Solaa - Pharoah
Opensouls - Falling in
Scratch 22 - Communication
Electric wire hustle - They don't want
Onelung - Not over
A hori buzz -Turnaround
Fredericks Brown - Betrayal - Dusty remix
Mike Fabulous - There's something about Africa
The Yoots - Tutira mai
Otautahi allstars - Mosquito
Jefferson Belt - Creeping tings of the earth
Hollie Smith - Hiding  - Dub Asylum remix
Jet Jaguar - Gomennasai
Natan - Circus girls go wild
Riki Gooch - Ode to the vegetable
Recloose - Landed
Lewis McCallum - Fly or die
Unification - Guru

Library of Congress' Jukebox hits

I featured a story on the US Library Of Congress and their 100 miles of shelves last week. Now the Library and Sony have set up a National Jukebox, with 10,000 recordings for streaming. It  had one million pages views in its first 48 hours since launch.

National Jukebox website logs 1 million page views, 250,000 streams in under 48 hours (LA Times)

"The project has opened up the library’s archive with an initial posting of more than 10,000 pre-1925 recordings from the Victor record label, now under the Sony Music umbrella. The recordings span jazz, blues, ethnic folk, gospel, pop, spoken word, comedy and other genres dating to the early 20th century.

Sony has given the Library of Congress blanket permission to make the recordings accessible to the public, retaining the rights to issue any of them in the future for commercial release.

The National Jukebox site also has been a hot topic on Twitter, which shows numerous tweets about the site, including specific recordings users are flagging to their followers."

One reaction on Twitter: "I am so enamored with the National Jukebox. Where else could I listen to prohibition-era popular music online?"

Some background on the digitising process behind this digital jukebox.