Saturday, May 21, 2011


Peanutbutter Wolf of Stonesthrow Records dropped an all-45s set in San Francsico on Friday, alongside Mayer Hawthorne, J-Rocc and Baron Zen. Here's an interview he did with the SF Weekly.

Peanut Butter Wolf on His History with 45s and Why the Vinyl Comeback Is Overhyped.

[excerpt...] Do you think vinyl is making a comeback these days?
No. Overhyped in the media in my opinion.

How extensive is your personal record collection?
Lost track years ago. All I know is I started buying vinyl on a weekly basis in 1979 and still buy it regularly. I just went record shopping yesterday actually. Main difference is from 1979-1986, I only bought "new" records. From 1986-1996, I bought a combination of new and old. From 1996 until now, I mainly buy older records. I buy new music through iTunes, but not new vinyl so much.

Lastly, you don't live in the Bay any more, but what are some things you miss from here?
Of course my family is number one. They all still live in San Jose and I visit them when I can. As for S.F., it would be nice to be able to go to Groove Merchant weekly like I used to, and the restaurants out there can't be beat.

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