Saturday, May 28, 2011

Mute unmute

Mute Records boss Daniel Miller interviewed, includes a DJ mix from Miller. Via The Quietus.

"When we last spoke with Miller around the time of the BBC Synth Britannia programme, he was in the middle of negotiating the departure of Mute from EMI. Now, 18 months later, Mute once again functions as an independent label, operating from offices down in Hammersmith. Incidentally, when I first visited the new HQ, the staff were complaining about all the drilling which, from a label who pioneered industrial music, seemed a bit rich...."

Plus "Electricity is love: Mute & Raster-Noton's Short Circuit triumph" live review of Mute showcase, pretty eclectic lineup from the Residents to Erasure....

"... it's nigh-on impossible to get back into the small room for NON, Pole and Richard H. Kirk, a shame but Ritchie Hawtin plays a fine techno set upstairs in the main room. Down in the bar after that, there's the strange sight of Daniel Miller DJing as people crowd round, not dancing but intent on what he's doing. I hope that, as on his mix for the Quietus, he might have played Twinkle....."

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