Monday, May 23, 2011

Groove Guide gone

Just announced via Twitter, "It's all over now, baby blue – issue 171 [next issue] of Groove Guide will be our last."

Publisher Tangible Media closed down Real Groove in October last year and kept Groove Guide, now shuttering that title too. Sad loss for the music scene here.

ADDED NZ Herald covers the closure, noting that Editor Sam Wicks and brand manager Emily Govorko would lose their jobs. The publisher, Vincent Heeringa, points the finger at the rise of social media and amateur blogs as part of the reason for the closure. Heeringa: "We're heading into the age of the amateur. We're actually already in it, which is good and bad. It's hard for people to make a career out of it now."


MikeE said...

Does that leave Menu Mag as the only free Music Monthly zine out there in NZ?

(I think JAGG in chch merged with Mukuna from memory)

Peter said...

Jagg bought Mukuna off its founders.