Friday, April 15, 2011

Record Store Day tomorrow

The NZ Herald did a cool story on Record Store Day, talking to a few folk including Nick D, Rose Matafeo, Tanya Perrie, Dustin Lindale at Conch Records, and Sarah Williamson, store manager of Real Groovy Records AK.

"... Williamson says it is not only the tactile quality of records that is luring young people back from the MP3s. Some are drawn to the superior sound.

"And it's the nature of listening to music that they learn about. The process of sitting down putting a record on and sharing it with other people; this whole sort of "in ear" headphone culture is making music less accessible I think. It's too private."

While Real Groovy's clientele spans a vast range of ages and musical interests, Williamson says she has definitely noticed more young collectors spending their pocket money on retro albums.
"I've seen kids who look like they could be 11 or 12, they are the raddest little kids. They know what they want, they look around, they buy stuff."

Read the full story here


So, do they still make flexidiscs? Yes they do. Where? In Australia, as it happens... got this email yesterday from Vinyl Factory, the crowd that pressed by Dub Asylum - Ba ba boom 7" vinyl single and did a great job on it too.

"Vinyl Factory Australia is proud to announce that we have begun producing flexi-discs. We have been the very lucky recipients of the last remaining flexi-disc machine, formerly owned by Ambassador press, and last in operation in 1989 in Sydney!
For the last 20 years it has been stored in a shed in Canberra. Vinyl Factory has reconditioned the machine and updated a lot of the gear and are now very happy to be producing flexis.
Pricing is set at the introductory level of 62 cents per disc plus setup costs . Min qty of 1000. Single or double sided available." Contact Vinyl Factory online here.

Getting hitched

Here's a wedding invitation that folds into functioning record player + flexidisc. Classy.

Paper Record Player from kellianderson on Vimeo.

Hawaiian haka step

I recently finished a remix from NSU, a local electronica/techno producer. He's pulled together a handful of talented  local musicians and producers to remix his debut ep Escape, and it's coming out at the end of April. You can preview my remix below. A mate of mine called my remix "Hawaiian haka step" which I kinda like...

Full audio of all the tracks over here at Bandcamp.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Photo: Dustandgrooves

New post up at Dust and Grooves, the excellent site profiling record collectors, vinyl junkies, and wax fiends. This edition is an interview with well respected DJ Rich Medina. Go read it right now.

"... I come from a family of “collectors”, though their reasons were far different than mine when I started. My parent’s parents migrated north from Alabama and the Kentucky/Ohio border near the turn of the century, via The Underground Railroad.

With that, their need to keep and care for things they considered valuable stemmed from not truly having anything to call their own prior to migrating north...

... I really appreciate this gift from my family, because it taught me to care for my belongings and investments on a higher level now, as a man. I think I became a “collector” prior to leaving home for college...

... Vinyl is the origin of my personal love for music, aside from 8 track tape, my grandparent’s church, piano lessons, and 70’s radio. I was simply born during a time where these were the primary consumer mediums for music, so I really don’t know any better. I am not so much of a purist that I have bad thoughts or words for other mediums though.

"I think I went through that phase when the iPod hit the marketplace for like a year. Then, I found myself purchasing one and strolling the streets with 3,00 songs in this little machine. I found the merit in technology then for sure.

But beyond that, the sonic quality of the vinyl format is so warm and full when compared to all digital mediums it’s ridiculous. There is no reputable argument for that point. Storage space is not the baseline issue when discussing the collection of music. The music and your relationship with that music is the baseline issue..."

Oddisee vs Has-Lo

Dirty beats from Oddisee, remixing Has-Lo. Free DL too. Nice. Have a listen

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

J Rocc in Japan

This video is kinda fun. I dig it. "Mayer Hawthorne filmed this on his iPhone when the two were on tour in Japan, and edited it on his laptop on the flight back home."

Stay Fresh is a cut off J Rocc's wicked album Some Cold Rock Stuf.

Scratch 22 interview

Cheese on Toast interviewed talented young Auckland DJ and producer Scratch 22 about his debut album, out next week on Round Trip Mars Records, and also getting released in Europe thru Wax On Records (the label run by Nightmares on Wax).

Listen to Medicine Man, the first single off the album below. Single released this week.

Keep digging!

Via Fleamarket Funk...

" ... The last of the dying breed was Black Cat Records in Red Bank, NJ. Owned by former Lifetime vocalist Ari Katz, a seasoned veteran of music, it too eventually fell to the times, closing it’s doors for good in the early 2000′s. Let’s face it, with the portability of the CD and now MP3′s, us vinyl nerds are a dying breed.

That’s why on this Saturday, April 16th, we need to support our local vinyl slinger for National Record Day. So go on and do that, until then, click the link to check out 40 sad portraits of record stores that closed. You may have even shopped in one of them. Keep Diggin’!"

See 40 Sad Portraits of Closed Record Stores

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Record Store Day this Saturday

Record Store Day is happening again this Saturday. Here's a few shops locally putting on some fun n games...

Conch Records, Auckland
Conch will be celebrating the day with an in-store performance from Karlmarx (Isaac Aesili, ex Solaa, Opensouls). Karlmarx is the artist name for production duo Isaac Aesili (aka Karl) and Mark McNeill. Isaac is based in Auckland and his brother Mark is based in  Christchurch. Karlmarx have enjoyed radio support by Benji B (BBC 1Xtra) and Lefto (Brownswood). The song “Mists“ is featured on the Brownswood comp “Lefto & Simbad present Worldwide Family Vol.1“.
More info...

Real Groovy Auckland
Real Groovy will be buzzing with DJs playing live their favourite tracks on vinyl including Dai Henwood, Tom Scott (Homebrew), DJ Sir Vere, Tina Turntables, Murray Cammick (Founder of Wildside Records), John Baker (Promoter) Stephen Heard (NZ Musician Magazine, Clap Clap Riot) Death Valley, Nick Bollinger (NZ music author), as well as Heart Attack Alley playing live; Plus giveaways, face painting and exclusive vinyl releases.

Beat Merchants  555 Great North rd, Grey Lynn, Auckland.
DJs (Dubhead, Merge, Tokyo Prose, Dave Seeka and more), live graffiti art and more. 11am til 6pm.

Slow Boat Records Wellington

Instore performances from APRA Silver Scroll and Taite Prize winning singer-songwriter Lawrence Arabia, plus a nifty duo performance from Nina and Matt from local indie faves The Family Cactus more tbc. And an array of exclusive Record Store Day vinyl.

Sadly, Real Groovy Wellington is closing down over the next few months - but fear not, Record Store Day is all go! Their celebration will be of the history and legacy Real Groovy Wellington. They'll be hosting guest musicians (and customers) from 12 noon to play their favourite LPs; there will also be a sausage sizzle and prize packs to give away. Then It's over to the Southern Cross for a Record Store Day celebration night! A massive Music Quiz with a prize to fight for. Live bands and DJs. Special deals on the superb Southern Cross food. And a fun time for all!

8-bit rudeboy

Utterly mad reggae/ska made with gaming consoles. Amusing or painful? You decide.

"This album is a collection of reggae, ska, dub, and everything in between, played on a variety of game consoles. It was organized by Euan Lynn (TraceKaiser) on 8-Bit Collective (, and features a variety of artists from around the world."

Monday, April 11, 2011

Why vinyl records are better

"Why vinyl records are better" from  Rotorua Daily Post, reporting on the record fair there last weekend.

"Craig Roberts bought three records at the Rotorua Record Fair at Ngongotaha Hall yesterday. He said he had recently got back into listening to vinyl, buying a new record player after finding some old LPs he had in the attic.

"I just fancied listening to them again."

He said he liked listening to records because they brought back memories from years ago and he considered the sound quality to be better than CDs, as long as the records weren't scratched."

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Stac it up

Wahwah 45s have been running a remix competition for one of their artists, Stac. You can download the runners up for free. Go have a listen, below.

High Noon Tea, KiwiFM 10 April 3-5pm

Black seeds - One step at a time - JStar remix
Jahlicious - Minds eye
Unitone hifi  -Hair farmer
Paddy Free - Wairua
Eru Dangerspiel - Coq au vin
Stinky Jim - Triple agent
Electric wire hustle - Perception
Karl Marx project - Mists
Conray - Nice to come home
International observer - War memorial museum peace
Pitch black - Urbanoia
Katchafire - Dub did it - Mr Reliable remix
Fat freddys drop - Big BW - DJ Vadim remix
DLT - Black panthers
Scratch22 - Medicine man
Nathan Haines - Squire for hire
Trinity roots - Just like you - Jet Jaguar remix
Fruity - Sliced and diced
Jefferson Belt - Green termite
Projector - Principle dub
Snypa levi - Inna the dance
Wild Bill Ricketts - Riki

Show repeats on Friday 2-4pm.

Angry monster car

Best bit - triggered by turntables.... It's in Aotea Square now, til Tuesday. Runs 10am til 10pm. Looks way cool after dark too.