Friday, April 15, 2011

Record Store Day tomorrow

The NZ Herald did a cool story on Record Store Day, talking to a few folk including Nick D, Rose Matafeo, Tanya Perrie, Dustin Lindale at Conch Records, and Sarah Williamson, store manager of Real Groovy Records AK.

"... Williamson says it is not only the tactile quality of records that is luring young people back from the MP3s. Some are drawn to the superior sound.

"And it's the nature of listening to music that they learn about. The process of sitting down putting a record on and sharing it with other people; this whole sort of "in ear" headphone culture is making music less accessible I think. It's too private."

While Real Groovy's clientele spans a vast range of ages and musical interests, Williamson says she has definitely noticed more young collectors spending their pocket money on retro albums.
"I've seen kids who look like they could be 11 or 12, they are the raddest little kids. They know what they want, they look around, they buy stuff."

Read the full story here

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