Sunday, April 24, 2011

High Noon Tea playlist, KiwiFM, April 24

Cranky B Tuffins - Visual pollution (DL)
Karl Marx project - Leaning shadows
Black seeds - Make a move - Downtown Brown remix
Kingites - Notify
Dub terminator - Global warming
Jet jaguar - Think about it later
Benny Tones - Firefly
Unitone hifi - Hair farmer
Mr Reliable - Lucky dub
Jefferson Belt - Creeping things of the earth
Tiki - It's all in your hands - Dutty ranks remix
Mood unit - Hat trap (DL)
Lord Echo - Rhythm 77
Fat Freddys Drop - Hope -Sonsine remix
International Observer - Flat
Mark de Clive Lowe - El dia perfecto
Recloose - Landed
Sola rosa - Humanised - Jason Eli remix
Scratch 22 - Cold hands
Riki Gooch - Pams bacon on special
Fredericks Brown - Betrayal
Shogun Orchestra - Leogane
Nomad - Breaking rocks
Christoph el Truento - Meow

Show replays on Friday afternoons, 2-4pm. 

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