Friday, April 15, 2011


So, do they still make flexidiscs? Yes they do. Where? In Australia, as it happens... got this email yesterday from Vinyl Factory, the crowd that pressed by Dub Asylum - Ba ba boom 7" vinyl single and did a great job on it too.

"Vinyl Factory Australia is proud to announce that we have begun producing flexi-discs. We have been the very lucky recipients of the last remaining flexi-disc machine, formerly owned by Ambassador press, and last in operation in 1989 in Sydney!
For the last 20 years it has been stored in a shed in Canberra. Vinyl Factory has reconditioned the machine and updated a lot of the gear and are now very happy to be producing flexis.
Pricing is set at the introductory level of 62 cents per disc plus setup costs . Min qty of 1000. Single or double sided available." Contact Vinyl Factory online here.


Amber Parkin said...

Super interesting! I actually showed my boyfriend the record/wedding invite yesterday - and he immediately asked me if I'd heard of flexidiscs (no). I'd love to get some made for a zine project.

Peter said...

Hey Amber, yes, a flexidisc for a zine would be very cool. Do it!