Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Steel up!

A few weeks back, I did a series of posts of some cool steel drum tunes, like the Nite Blues Steel Band, John Gibbs and Steel funk, and Steel an Skin. Most of these are off obscure albums that are pretty damn hard to find.

So I am delighted to point you in the direction of a brand new compilation that has just come out, on CD and vinyl and is readily accessible to one and all. It's called West Indies Funk, and is the follow up to an earlier compilation called Disc-o-lypso.

West Indies Funk has a great track listing, including one of my fave steel drum covers of all time, I want you Back (original by Jackson 5) done by the Esso Trinidad Steel Band (listen above). Plus steel drum covers of Hot Pants Road, Funky Stuff (original by Kool and the gang) and Syd Jones and the Troubadours doing Cardova by The Meters.

Available at all good records stores, like Conch Records in Ponsonby. Listen to audio samples off the album here at Light in the Attic.

1. Syd Jones and The Troubadours - Cardova
2. The Troubadours - No Names Bar
3. Dutch Rhythm, Steel and Showband - Funky Stuff
4. St. Vincent's Supersound Latinaires Orchestra - Hot Pants I'm Comin
5. The East Side Symphony - Hot Pants Road
6. The Esso Trinidad Steel Band - I Want You Back
7. Willie Dickson and The Playboys - Licking Stick
8. Wendell Stuart and the Downbeaters - My World Is Empty
9. St. Vincent's Supersound Latinaires Orchestra - Roasted Or Frie
10. Dutch Rhythm, Steel and Showband - Down By The River
11. The Guinness Cassanovas - Stormy

I also just discovered that Hugh Borde, the leader of the Esso Trinidad Steel Band (also known as Trinidad Tripoli Steel Band) moved to the US in 1976 and settled in Ypsilanti, Michigan. According to the Recordo Obscura blog, "He still carries on doing shows with the band. Apparently they will be playing The Great Lakes Folk Festival this year (2009) and surely other shows as well."

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Salsa Smurf said...

Great to see some steel drum stuff like this, it gets you into the proper summer mood. Check my recent postings w steel drum-related music as well!