Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Brand new album from Nicole Willis and the Soul Investigators

From Finland's Timmion Records, a cracking slice of modern soul: "This [northern] autumn, Nicole Willis rolls out with her third album made together with The Soul Investigators: Happiness In Every Style. It is bound to send shivers down backs all around the world. As the name suggests, the new album will offer variety and tilt towards a more positive note after the murky Tortured Soul from two years back.

This means Nicole and the boys have made things a bit more soothing for the listener, offering upbeat modern soul and even embracing more sophisticated melodies alongside their highly evolved raw funk sound. To get a taste of this, one only has to put on 'Let's Communicate' or 'One In a Million' to get their hands clapping and toes tapping in no time, or respectively, witness the dance floor explode. 

From minor key ballads such as 'Thief In The Night' to the unapologetically poppy 'Angel', the new album is bound to bring to the hearts of humans in every shade and style. Whether you know Nicole Willis from before or not does not hold any weight here. 

After hearing her with The Soul Investigators on this new album, you will know they are for real, and out to offer you everything you need to fill up your soul supply. With Nicole's insightful lyrics and the band's hard-hitting music you are in good care.

Out October 2nd on LP/CD/digital. 

01. One in a Million
02. Where Are You Now 
03. Let's Communicate 
04. Angel
05. Bad Viberations 
06. Together We Climb
07. Open Sky 
08. Paint Me in a Corner 
09. Thief in the Night 
10. Vulture's Prayer 
11. Hot Sauce (not on vinyl version of the album)

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