Saturday, November 17, 2012

Picassos, Yardie live, 95

I found this on an old vhs tape, there's a few minor dropouts but it's pretty entertaining. It's us playing Yardie, live on What Now, 1995. We had to get up ridiculously early on a Saturday morning in Christchurch to go play this, then drive to Dunedin for a gig that night, from memory. Quite how we looked so lively before coffee is beyond me, even now.

Yardie is available in a flash, remastered form on Rewind the Hateman (cd/digital).

And here's Bobbylon, interviewed by Stinky Jim from live footage of Bobbylon MCing at the Gluepot...

Ring The Alarm playlist, BaseFM, Nov 17

George Clinton -Do fries go with that shake?
Maxayn - Bailout
Eddie Kendricks - Going up in smoke - G's smoking edit
Issac Hayes - Juicy fruit (disco freak)
Screaming Meemees - Stars in my eyes pt 1
New order - Blue monday
Zap mama - Bandy Bandy - Carl Craig remix
Fat Freddys Drop - Midnite Marauders - Electric Drop - Peter Mac edit

King Sunny Ade - 365 is my number/the message
Cutty Ranks - The stopper - Richard Dorfmeister remix
Damian Marley - Move
Derrick Herriot - I am the ruler
The Resonators - Try again
Steel n skin - Afro punk reggae dub
Slim - It's in the mix
Fatback band  -Wicky wacky
King Errisson - Disco congo
Bob James - Angles (Taxi theme)
Jackie Stoudimire - Invisible wind - Shoes re-edit
Madhouse - Six

Friday, November 16, 2012

Eglo Recs in conversation

L-R: Keegan and Alexander Nut (Eglo)
Eglo Records crew Fatima, Floating Points, and label boss Alexander Nut, are in New Zealand for the first time, playing a show in a secret warehouse location in Auckland this Saturday.

They were up at Conch Records last night for an informal workshop session, with Alexander in conversation with BaseFM/Justsayin 's Keegan, talking about how the label came about, and what the music business is like in the UK at present.

Alexander talked about his background in pirate radio, and his previous job, working in music PR for a number of years, which gave him a taste for how NOT to work in the music industry. He said if your music needs PR, then it probably needs CPR, suggesting that good music sells itself, and that people will find it, if it's any good. It's a very organic approach to the music business.

He seemed to have a fairly lowkey approach to running a label - it seems to have grown from doing his radio show on Rinse FM, where he gets sent a lot of new music. As an example, he told us when they went and got the first Eglo Records release pressed up, the guy at the pressing plant asked for a catalog number, and Alexander asked what's that, why do we need it? The guy explained that if it didn't have a catalog number, then the guys making the stamper for the vinyl wouldn't know whose record it was, and asked what was the name of their label? They didn't have one, so Alexander made up Eglo on the spot. But he swore us to secrecy on what Eglo means. Ask him at the gig and he might tell you. Listen to a recent interview with Alexander below.

L-R: Fatima, Gareth, Keegan, Alexander

Fatima also gave us some background on growing up in Sweden  and the golden age of local hiphop there, which coincided with the golden age elsewhere  - early to mid 90s. She also talked about how she got into music, singing in choirs at school etc. Thanks to Justsayin, the British Council, and Conch, for a fun night!

Thursday, November 15, 2012 revive

The Deepgrooves record label website has been resurrected by folk unknown, looks like the work of former label boss Kane Massey. Promises to dig thru the Deepgrooves archives for unreleased goodies etc...

from the website: "Deepgrooves was a small independent record label that operated out of central Auckland (NZL) from 1991 through to the year 2000. The label released approximately 20 albums and 50 singles during it's 10 year life span.

"However, the label and it's associated studio also recorded just as much material that was never released. In total, the Deepgrooves "storage room" holds approximately 1000 recorded, remixed, demo'd and instrumental tracks in various states of completion, many that as yet, remain unheard.

"Over the next 12 months we will be endeavouring to digitise every functioning (unfortunately many have already deteriorated) DAT tape, 2" Tape reel, ADAT, cassette, 1" Tape reel, S8mm, S16mm, 35mm film reel, Hi8mm, BetaSP and digital Beta tape that we have. We will also be tackling the numerous boxes of negatives, photos and unedited videos that have sat in storage, in some cases for over 20 years. Please be patient, we have been "away" for pretty much the last ten years."

ADDED The first post on the revived Deepgrooves website under 'Updates' is about digitising the original ADATs recorded for the Freebass album, featuring Nathan Haines. "Although someone has expressed an interest in possibly doing a double LP featuring all the recorded tracks as a 20th Anniversary release for next year, at this stage, the only plan in place is to have all the recordings mixed and mastered into the four live sets and made available as free downloads."

Mighty Asterix & Stinky Jim

Stinky Jim interviews Mighty Asterix, for TV3's music show Frenzy, 1994. Part 1 is the interview, part 2 is a fine tune with Jim on the turntables, Asterix on the mic, live at the Gluepot. Check it. Part 3, with the Bobbylon interview Jim mentions, coming soon uploaded and added.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Remembering ODB

8th anniversary of ODB's passing... ODB and RZA explaining what the whole Wu-Tang phenomenon is about while walking around the streets of NYC, early 90s... Hat tip to Egotripland - go watch "10 Videos of Ol’ Dirty Bastard You Must See".

Oh, and ODB and RZA on America's Next Top Model, 2003...

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Review: Soul in the hole (BBE)

This amazing collection of funk, disco, boogie and soul covers a lot of ground, but never once drops the ball. There's a massive amount of 'funk' compilations coming out these days, many of them riddled with mediocre tunes and 'unknown' tripe. Not this comp. What makes Soul In The Hole such an enjoyable listen is sheer quality here. Put together by Sadar Bahar and Lee Collins, who know their stuff - they've been DJing around Chicago since the early 80s. Well worth investigating.

MORE: Good indepth backgrounder on Sadar Bahar and Lee Collins here.

"Sadar Bahar is Chicago's best keep secret. One of the most sought after DJ's in the world of soul, funk and disco. He did a lot of DJ gigs in the US, Japan and Europe. Together with Lee Collins he selected 13 tracks for this compilation, all rare treasures."

Track listing:
01. Johnny Harris - Odyssey Pt 1
02. Calender - Comin' On Strong
03. Poetiquette - Soul Melody (Yam Who? Remix)
04. Maxayn - Bail Out
05. Seawind - Free
06. Moses - Striving For Tomorrow
07. Puzzle People - French Fried Boogie
08. Sparkles - Trying To Get Over
09. Carl Grubbs – Scorcher (Instrumental)
10. Chuck Higgins & The Wild Bunch - Funkyfied
11. Carlos Garnett - Mystery Of Ages
12. Sonny Stitt – Tornado feat. Eddie Russ
13. Frédéric Mercier – Spirit

Out Nov 12 on BBE, on vinyl (2x12" + 7") / digital. Listen to the album at Juno Download.

She Dubs Me Remix ep - Timmy Schumacher video

The Dub Asylum - She Dubs Me Remix EP is out now as a digital reissue, with a special bonus remix - the flipside off my Ba Ba Boom 7-inch single, the Oogun remix, available digitally for the first time. Here's the video Timmy Schumacher made for his remix, drawing on a pile of super 8 film footage he shot in the US.

Remixes by Timmy Schumacher vs Substax, Rob Warner and Josh Webb, Audioslut, and Oogun. Out now thru Amplifier, iTunes, Bandcamp etc. 

PLUS I found a few copies of the original vinyl remix EP 12", now on sale for a limited time only at Conch Records, comes with a bonus 7" and a free digital download of the remix ep.

New Black Seeds video

Graff art, unicorns, breaking, all the good ish...

Monday, November 12, 2012

RIP Major Harris (Delfonics)

Via Pitchfork: "Billboard reports that Major Harris, soul singer and former member of Philadelphia soul group the Delfonics, has died. He was 65.
Harris was a Richmond, Virginia native who performed with several groups in the 1960s, including the Charmers, Frankie Lymon's Teenagers, and Nat Turner's Rebellion. He joined the Delfonics in the early 1970s, replacing singer Randy Cain.
He left the group in 1974 to pursue a solo career, releasing four solo records between 1974 and 1984. He hit number five on the Billboard Hot 100 chart with his solo single "Love Won't Let Me Wait" off his debut solo LP My Way. His final performance took place last year when he reunited with members of the Delfonics."

Allo Prince

New video for a singer called Andy Allo, produced by Prince. Like Nelson George said on Twitter, "More horns than a Basie band in this video."

Dangerous game

I recently tracked down and digitised a copy of this music video by Jules Issa, one of the artists I'm writing about for my book on the Deepgrooves record label. It's a cool video directed by William Roberts with choreography by Jules, and a cameo from DLT.

The song was originally performed by Diatribe, contemporaries of Herbs - more on them here. More info on Jules Issa, including the remix of Dangerous Game that was playlisted on London's KissFM, here.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fat Freddys vs Sydney Opera House

Fat Freddys Drop live at the Sydney Opera House this weekend previewing their new album Blackbirds, with Otis Frizzell doing some live painting. Holy heck! Free download of new Far Freddys single over here.

Wee bonus... my edit of Fat Freddys/Vadim Electric Drop tune Midnight Marauders, enjoy. Free DL.