Friday, November 30, 2012

Muzz shot rock n roll

"I usually said NO to photographing Gold Disc presentations. I said YES to Bob Marley"- Murray Cammick PHOTO: © MURRAY CAMMICK 1979, photo via Capture.

Murray Cammick is talking about his photography for Rip It Up as part of the events around the show on at the Auckland Art Gallery, called Who Shot Rock N Roll. Check out some of Murray's photos here at Capture - Blondie, Johnny Ramone, Toy Love, Screaming Meemees, and Bob Marley getting his gold record.  Murray wrote the commentary with the photos too, fascinating reading.

excerpt..."As a photographer you either contribute to the myths / bullshit of rock ‘n’ roll or you try and show some of the grind of promotion and touring. I recall being at Craccum in 1976 and being delighted that our photographer Paul Gilmour (I was designer/“Technical Editor” that year) came back from a press conference with a photo of Frank Zappa drinking a cup of tea.

Shooting un-rock ‘n’ roll photos became something to aspire to, so I was pleased to get Iggy Pop in his clunky reading glasses laughing at the Talking Heads story in Rip It Up magazine. As we arrived at Iggy’s White Heron Hotel room he was still in his pyjamas and I sneaked what seemed like a very un-rock ‘n’ roll shot but he heard or saw the camera and made it clear, “No photos in my pyjamas.”

Join music reviewer and writer Nick Bollinger in conversation with music journalist, photographer and record label founder, Murray Cammick and music photographer Milana Radojcic for an illustrated discussion on their experiences photographing and reviewing rock and roll. More info.
Sunday 2 December - 3pm, Art gallery auditorium - free entry

Also on Sunday at the art gallery, the Record Collectors Fair, north auditorium, free entry, 10am til 2pm. 

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