Thursday, November 15, 2012 revive

The Deepgrooves record label website has been resurrected by folk unknown, looks like the work of former label boss Kane Massey. Promises to dig thru the Deepgrooves archives for unreleased goodies etc...

from the website: "Deepgrooves was a small independent record label that operated out of central Auckland (NZL) from 1991 through to the year 2000. The label released approximately 20 albums and 50 singles during it's 10 year life span.

"However, the label and it's associated studio also recorded just as much material that was never released. In total, the Deepgrooves "storage room" holds approximately 1000 recorded, remixed, demo'd and instrumental tracks in various states of completion, many that as yet, remain unheard.

"Over the next 12 months we will be endeavouring to digitise every functioning (unfortunately many have already deteriorated) DAT tape, 2" Tape reel, ADAT, cassette, 1" Tape reel, S8mm, S16mm, 35mm film reel, Hi8mm, BetaSP and digital Beta tape that we have. We will also be tackling the numerous boxes of negatives, photos and unedited videos that have sat in storage, in some cases for over 20 years. Please be patient, we have been "away" for pretty much the last ten years."

ADDED The first post on the revived Deepgrooves website under 'Updates' is about digitising the original ADATs recorded for the Freebass album, featuring Nathan Haines. "Although someone has expressed an interest in possibly doing a double LP featuring all the recorded tracks as a 20th Anniversary release for next year, at this stage, the only plan in place is to have all the recordings mixed and mastered into the four live sets and made available as free downloads."

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