Saturday, November 10, 2012

Who shot rock n roll?

Photo: Ian Dickson, The Ramones at Eric's Club, Liverpool, England, May 1977

I just got back from a great talk at the Auckland Art Gallery, listening to Gail Buckland, the curator of the Who Shot Rock & Roll: A Photographic History, 1955 - Present photo exhibition. 

She talked about how the show is themed, and how she wanted to uncover some of the people who took the photos - we all know the famous people in front of the lens, but what about the person behind it?  She made an effort to track down as many of the photographer she included, and go and meet them and see their work. It's an incredible feat. 

At the end of her talk  I asked about what happens to all these photographer's work when they pass on, and she talked a bit about archival efforts she'd been associated with, but said just because something has been digitised doesn't mean its been preserved, so she said she didn't really have an answer for me. She said its much easier to get your work archived say if you're a famous photographer like Ansel Adams or similar. 

Photo: Henry Diltz, of Tina Turner, Universal Amphitheater, Los Angeles, 1985
Buckland talked about the above photo of Tina Turner, saying when she found it among the photographer's slides, he didn't even recall taking it, and had never used it. She asked Diltz to store it somewhere safe, til she needed it for the show. 

Later, her book publisher liked it after they saw a lowres scan, and wanted it for the book cover. Now, of course this rock n roll photographer was unorganised, Buckland says, and couldn't find it. It eventually turned up at the 11th hour, and features on the cover of the book cataloging the show. More photos at the bottom, see Wilson Pickett, backed by Jimi Hendrix...

The show is on now at the Auckland Art Gallery ($15 entry), til March 2013. There's a bunch of great activities going on around the show, live gigs, talks, a record fair, and heaps more... 

NOV11 Rockumentary film screening: The Stones in the Park

NOV11, 3pm Who Shot Rock & Roll: Graham Reid on Shooting the Beatles and creating the Sixties
Join well-known music reviewer, journalist, travel writer and music lecturer Graham Reid for a personal view of how photographers of the Beatles, Stones and others...

Open Late: Tuesday 13 November DJs (Shayne Carter), talks  (Tim Finn on his fave photo in the show)  food, drink and live music from Watercolours.

Sunday 2 December - 10am - 4pm, North atrium - free entry Who Shot Rock & Roll: Record Collectors Fair

Sunday 2 December 1pm Chris Mousdale on the design of rock and roll Chris Mousdale presents an illustrated year-by-year run down of the era's most relevant record covers.

Sunday 2 December 3pm Nick Bollinger, Murray Cammick and Milana Radojcic
Join music reviewer and writer Nick Bollinger in conversation with music journalist, photographer and record label founder, Murray Cammick and music photographer Milana Radojcic

Open Late: Tuesday 11 December DJs (Shayne Carter), talks, food, drink and live music from The Libres.

Wilson Pickett, with Jimi Hendrix as one of his backing band. May 1966

Open Late: Tuesday 22 January DJs, talks, food, drink and live music from Dear Time's Waste.

Open Late: Tuesday 5 February DJs (Murray Cammick), talks (Dj Sir Vere on his fave photo in the show), food, drink and live music from The Eversons.

Open Late: Tuesday 19 February, 6-9pm DJs (RIU editor Leonie Hayden), talks (Otis Frizzell his fave photo in the show), food, drink and live music from SJD.

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