Saturday, April 07, 2012

Ring The Alarm playlist, BaseFM, April 7

Steel n skin - Afro punk reggae dub
Sly n Robbie vs Dubblestandart feat Dillinger - 10 tons of dope -Heavy heavy monster dub
Manasseh feat Johnny Osbourne - Rise up
Rhythm and sound feat Jennifer Lara - Queen in my empire
Lovejoys - It aint easy
Israel Starr - Summertime
Billy Preston - Struttin
Charles Wright and Watts 103rd st band - What can you bring me?
Princess - Say I'm your number one
Shannon - Do you wanna get away - dub version
Shirley Murdock - Teasing
Kraftwerk  -Tour de france
Diana Ross - Upside down
Anthony Joseph - Bullet in the rocks
Luis Bonfa - Jacaranda
Bo Diddley - Hit or miss
Ramsey Lewis Trio - The in crowd
Charles Wright and Watts 103rd st band - Can't get no satisfaction
Wally Badarou - Chief inspector - inspector dub
Colm K and the freestyle mellowship - Dancing skulls - main mix
Ralph Myerz and the Jack Herren band - Savannah
King Tubby - Bag a wire - Avatars of Dub remix
Big Youth - Jim Screechy - Smith n Mighty remix
 Lundaland - Charlemane - Bigga's imperial delay mix

Friday, April 06, 2012

Digging Easter

Easter Friday, and all the shops are closed! Oh the horror. Hang on, Real Groovy Records is open. Off to dig for records then. Today's finds - 6 records for $6 each. Score!

Billy Preston - The kids and me. Funky as Billy on the keys, from 1974. Best track is this mad synth jam called Struttin'. That's Billy miming up a storm on Soul Train, with a cool Don Cornelius intro.

Princess - Say I'm your number one. My wife asked me recently "Do you have any Princess?" When I said no, she asked "Why not?" Situation rectified. Released in NZ by Stimulant, a label run by Simon Grigg, Peter Urlich and Mark Phillips. Charted at no 2.

Diana Ross - Diana. Classic album produced by Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edward for the Chic Organisation. Motown hated the mixes they handed in and Berry Gordy had them remixed inhouse, much to the horror of Rodgers and Edwards. This was reissued on CD with the final mixes plus the unreleased Chic mixes.

Sheila E  - Romance 1600. Prince protegee, features album version of Love Bizarre, all 12 minutes and 18 seconds of it. Needed this ever since I was reminded of it after seeing the live clip of Prince jamming this last year with Sharon Jones and the Dapkings guesting with him and his band.

Shirley Murdock - Shirley Murdock! Murray Cammick put me onto her a few years back at one of the Record Fairs, hipping me to the fact that her producer was usually Roger Troutman (Zapp).

Shannon - Do you wanna get away. Most well known for the hit Let the music play, this one has a mean 80s Dub Version on the flip.

You know what most of those records have in common? All of them, apart from Billy Preston, were released in 1985. Anyone who tells you that the 80s was the decade good taste forgot clearly didn't like black music in that decade. EDIT: so, that Diana Ross album was 1980, not 85. Four outta six albums from 1985, then.

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Special AK

The Newmatics live at XS Cafe. Photo: Simon Grigg

Just announced, Auckland 80s ska outfit The Newmatics will reform once more to open for The Specials, playing here on this coming Tuesday, April 10.

The Newmatics played an an afterparty for The Specials on their previous 2009 visit, when they played at The Logan Campbell Centre, or Logan Concrete Centre, as it's nicknamed, due to its appalling acoustics.

I'd love to know why the promoters for the return visit by The Specials have chosen Shed 10, as it is potentially a worse venue acoustically than the Logan Campbell. It's a tin shed on a wharf, next to The Cloud, and was used as a beer barn for the Rugby World Cup. Lacking in potential?


Came across this randomly, Wellington's own DJ Alphabethead covering ESG's tune UFO. Download it from his blog here.

Alphabethead says that it's an "unrealeased instrumental circa 2009. It’s my take on ESG’s amazing “UFO”. When I lived on Mt Kau Kau I used to frequently see flying saucers knocking about high in the Wellington sky. Unfortunately I haven’t seen a UFO since October that year. The video features documentary footage from the historical 1956 Washington flying saucer attack."

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Whitney cumbia dubplate

Los Angeles DJ Jeremy Sole has done a tasty remix for Sola Rosa, here's his Whitney Houston cumbia remix. DL too. Love the comment from someone who didnt like the airhorn. What's wrong with you?


Speaking of Sideways alumni, here's something special from Sola Rosa... free DL

Sideways 2000

ONSIDE: For a musical bit on the side, listen no further than the selections of sounds on local compilation Sideways. 

By Peter McLennan, Pavement magazine, 2000

Sixteen months ago, Auckland DJ/producer Stinky Jim (AKA James Pinckney) began developing a germ of an idea that he had bubbling away in the recesses of his dub-addled brain. The result of his labours is Sideways, a compilation that bears the endearing subtitle "a sizzling selection of stinking southern hemispherical sounds".

A collection of some of the finest sonic sorcerers from around these parts, the album delivers tracks mostly written and recorded especially for this disc, and includes such artists as SJD, Sola Rosa, Mood Unit, Pains People, Juse, Submariner, Dooblong Tondra, International Observer and Pinckney's own outfit Phase 5, to name but a few.

''It's an idea that's been kicking around for a while between myself and Richard Whittington from Rockers Hifi,'' explains Pinckney. "Richard has always taken an interest in New Zealand music. He's done stuff with Unitone Hifi, Phase 5 and Short Fuse. He's just an open-minded musical geezer.

"We discussed it as something from over here that could be good for their label [Different Drummer] over there. When they played here last year, it was just obvious that there's been a surge of lots of interesting music from lots of different angles. You could pull something together that would be cohesive enough but the quality would be there."

Pinckney fired half a dozen tunes across to the UK to convince Whittington it was a workable idea.

Once he got the thumbs up, he set about pursuing a swag of musical delights. "I wanted each tune to be hand-picked,'' says Pinckney. "I chose songs from people's live sets and so on. It's taken a long time to do it but it does stand out. The thing that attracts me to all of them is that none of them are just genre- peddlers. They're not just chucking out tunes.

They're all trying to do something a little bit sideways, a little bit bent. And, of course, I like them all."

All of the Sideways artists are independent in more than just their musical approach. "None of them are signed to a major label," observes Pinckney.

"They've all got an independent spirit and that comes across in their music. A lot of them have also released their own recordings. These people have all forged their own path and it's fantastic for me, having lived here for 10 years. It's the first time I've really felt that you could scoop up a dozen folks like that and make it work in that way."

Pinckney put his belief into action, fronting up the cash to pay for the release of Sideways on his own label, Round Trip Mars Records. No Arts Council hand-outs here, just a slice of savvy local enterprise.

The compilation is scheduled for release in the UK and Europe on Different Drummer early next year.

There is also the possibility of a US release too, leaving Pinckney confident that when Sideways hits foreign soil, at least four or five of the artists on the compilation will attract interest from record labels overseas.

"There's this surge of bubbling talent out there who don't want to play by the same old genre rules,'' enthuses Pinckney. "It's really exciting. Finally, the edges are getting more blurred again. It's cool!''

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Record Store Day love

Happening again on April 21, first out of the blocks is a very limited vinyl release from Toy Love.

Via Cheese on Toast: "Real Groovy will be the very first NZ record store to release vinyl specifically to celebrate International Record Store Day this April 21st – with a strictly limited run of 400 vinyl double albums (200 on pink vinyl; 200 on black) capturing the legendary Toy Love performing one of their last live shows – nearly 32 years ago on Friday 12th September 1980 at The Gluepot in Ponsonby, Auckland.

There will be NO digital or compact disc release of this item.

Fifteen / Blackboard Grin / Unscrewed Up / Amputee Song / Toy Love Song / I Wanna Die WIth You / Don’t Catch Fire / Bedroom / Photographs of Naked Ladies / Lust / Second to Last Song Toy Love Ever Wrote / Sheep / Swimming Pool / Fast Ostrich / Good Old Joe / I Thought I Needed You / I’m In Love / Green Walls / Horror Comic / Rebel / Cold Meat/ Don’t Ask Me / Squeeze / I Don’t Mind / Ain’t It Nice / The Crunch / Death Rehearsal / Bride of Frankenstein / Pull Down the Shades


When I heard at the weekend that Ashton Kutcher was tipped to play Steve Jobs in a biopic on the Apple head honcho, I figured it had to be an April fools prank. Turns out it's true. Pic above suggests it might work out. Via Laughingsquid.

Mo Kolours bizznizz

Mo Kolours tune remixed by Beautiful Swimmers - download it free along with the rest of EP2: Banana Wine right here. Or listen below...

Dub Combinations

Photo: Mat Baker
DUB COMBOS By Stephen Jewell. Published in Pavement, April/May 2000

Considering Aotearoa's long-standing affinity with reggae and dub, it was a natural move for Auckland's dance music factory Kog Transmissions to highlight the best of our dub producers on their latest release, Dub Combinations.

Calling in an expert in the field certainly worked on Kog house compilation, Algorhythm, thanks to the efforts and expertise of Subware's Joost Langeveld. For Dub Combinations, Kog's resident dub master, Andrew Manning, wasted no time in contacting 95bFM DJ Dubhead, who ranks as one of the counters finest dub and reggae authorities.

Dubhead's pedigree dates back to the beginning of his DJing days in 1983. "When I first started, I only played early '70s stuff like King Tubby,'' recalls Dubhead. "But, as I went along, I branched out and started incorporating hip-hop tracks and dancefloor and raggamuffin, At the time, no other DJs were playing dub. That's how I became Dubhead.''

Andrew Manning's roots lie in heavy metal and industrial music but his life changed when he first heard dub. "The first CD I listened to that made me go 'Wow!' was Pay It All Back. Volume Three," he remembers, citing Dub Syndicate and the On U Sound System as major influences.

''All I'd listened to up till then was heavy heavy metal. Once I started my metal thing, it just got heavier, until I got to Napalm Death and everybody else was commercial crap. Then, all of a sudden, right at the other end of the spectrum, I heard this spacey, soft music. It had hard drums and bass but, compared to heavy metal, it was so lush and amazing."

Dub Combination's line-up is about as eclectic as you can get, including tracks by artists not normally associated with dub, such as Epsilon Blue and 50 Hz, while Langeveld himself returns to his Unitone Hifi 'roots'. Patio, aka Involve Record's Bevan 'Aspen' Smith and Michael 'Jet Jaguar' Upton, provide a taster of their just- released collaborative album, Parallel Play.

Dubhead's own Sound Foundation also contribute, as do digital dub stalwarts International Observer and Salmonella Dub, with Andy Morton's Dub Mariner mix of Johnny.

''Even though this compilation is very studio and technology-driven, there's something about New Zealand and its environment which is reflected in the music, insists Manning.

"The dub thing in New Zealand is not a current trend. It's something that's grown slowly over the last 18 years as a mass, conscious thing. People are getting more and more aware of it. Ten years ago, you could say 'dub music' to people and they wouldn't know what you were talking about. But now, because of Massive Attack, they do know and that's reflected in the music that's made here.

''New Zealand also has its own dub sound," Manning argues. "We get all these influences from America, Australia and the UK and then we put our own twist on them. This music could only come from here.''

Shut up and play the hits

New clip from the highly-anticipated forthcoming LCD Sound System documentary. NME reports that the film has picked up distribution from Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys.

"Yauch's company Oscilloscope Laboratories, will be releasing the film in North America this  [northern] summer. According to LCD Soundsystem's Twitter, the movie will be out in the UK later in the year.

Adam Yauch has said of the film: "Perhaps having grown up in a band for most of my life – a band that formed when I was 16 years old – and having released our first record when I was still in high school, this film addresses so many questions. For instance, it can be pretty clear when a band starts, but perhaps less so when it ends, or how it should end. In that sense, it's brilliant of James [Murphy] to end it in such a definitive way."

Kim Fowley profiled

Kim Fowley in Auckland 1979. From Kim's Myspace.
Recall it was in RIU, so probably shot by Murray Cammick

From the LA Times. Fowley had a breif spell in NZ in the late 1970s, trying to make hits. He worked with the band Street Talk, recording their self-titled debut LP at Mandrill Studio.

The late Ian Morris describes the band on his site like this: "Streettalk were a pure blues band in the mid-late 1970s, so it was something of a surprise in 1981 when mad rock svengali Kim Fowley came to NZ at the behest of WEA head honcho Tim Murdoch to produce this slice of Springsteen-esque melodrama. Bemusement would probably be the best way to describe the band's reaction to the whole process."

"Kim Fowley pulls DVDs, fliers, CDs, a hospital admission slip and more DVDs out of a jumble of media on the mixing board of a drab Hollywood strip-mall studio. Per usual, the infamous pop schlockmeister has a beautiful young woman by his side. Fowley wants to transform Snow Mercy, a scientist-turned-dominatrix/performance artist, into his latest star. But he's got a dozen other hustles going on too, and he hands a reporter one copy after another of B-minus movies. They all feature Kim Fowley.

"I'm the king of bad taste," says the man who started his songwriting, production and performance career with the 1960 novelty hit "Alley Oop." Fowley went on to work with artists including KISS, the Byrds, Helen Reddy and Frank Zappa and is perhaps most famous for helping form the 1970s band the Runaways..." Read the full story here.

BONUS: Kim Fowley’s Advice For New Zealand Musicians: Live Local and Think Global. By Alan Holt. Think it was written for Real Groove in mid 2000s.

"... I rang him [Fowley] ostensibly to talk about the Runaways but Kim declined this topic and decided he wanted to talk about “what’s wrong with New Zealand bands”. I thought “Sounds good” This is what he had to say.

“New Zealand needs to live local and think global. The musical community needn’t become a traveling circus rushing off to Australia, United States of America otherwise known as the USA, the UK or any other EU destination. Live local. Think global..."

Monday, April 02, 2012


Recent post on Andrew Schmidt's Mysterex blog... "Rip It Up and Start Again - Writing New Zealand Music History in 2012"  - cheers for the kind words.

"... Dub Dot Dash has marshalled a similar gathering of media around its interest area – urban dance related forms – but has always had the inclusive internationalist focus needed and isn’t afraid to ask the hard questions when necessary. Actual music journalism goes on here.

There is also a lot of community reassertion happening through sites such as Christchurch Punks on Facebook and the HTown Wiki.

In printed media, Volume is bringing a lot of reminisce into its pages, as is NZ Musician and Rip It Up, who have been doing it for a while, but again, this is not history, it is the stuff used to write history."

Awa, Che Fu

Former Nesian Mystik cat Awa with Che Fu. Deep tune! Video below...

"Toitū he whenua, whatungarongaro he tangata
." Land is permanent, man disappears.

Base FM’s Shake & Bake

Base FM’s Shake & Bake is back, this Easter Saturday, 7th of April, FREE! Midday til 6pm.

"This year’s Shake and Bake is moving to a brand, spanking new location down in Silo Park in the Wynyard Quarter. It’s all happening a little bit later than usual but here at Base FM we’re all about extending your summer as much as possible. So make sure you keep Easter Saturday, the 7th of April, free for some good times with the Base crew.

The line up is even bigger than ever – we’ve got Che Fu, Julien Dyne, Team Dynamite, Imagine This, Manuel Bundy, Junior, Jusayin’ and Zane:Tee all set to bring you the best day out to be had."