Thursday, April 19, 2012


I Believe In Miracles is a very funky jam from the Jackson Sisters (no relation to the Jackson 5) and over at Version Galore, they've uncovered some great versions of it - there's the recent latin-styled take from Sunlightsquare Combo and more... the original has been reissued on vinyl a bunch of times, so it's pretty easy to track down a copy....

"... The Jackson Sisters were a Detroit-based (by way of Compton) soul group who enjoyed some minor recognition during the mid 70s. While only having one album and a couple of singles under their belt before vanishing back into the mahogany, a decade and some change later they enjoyed a resurgence via the UK rare groove scene and subsequently Miracles becoming a b-boy sampling favourite.

Believers for today include The Dynamics and their reggae-disco hustle rendition, a spry Cubano cut via Sunlightsquare Latin Combo and a focused intrumental break version from the always welcome El Michels Affair. Also today are two straight ahead soul cuts from Japan’s Indigo Jam Unit & Flexlife as well a rare cut by Miracles original co-penner Mark Capanni."

Listen to them over at Versions Galore.