Saturday, April 21, 2012

Ring The Alarm playlist, BaseFM, April 21

Temptations - Plastic man
Labelle - What can I do for you?
Leon Haywood - If you're looking for a night of fun (look past me, I'm not the one)
Screaming Meemees - Stars in my eyes part one
ESG - Dance
Primal scream - Higher than the sun
Sabre of paradise - Wilmot
Ninjaman and Flourgon - Zig it up
Butch Cassidy sound system - Brothers and sisters
Reggie Steppa - Drum pan sound
Henry and Louis - Love and understanding
Lord echo - Long time no see
Kas Futialo (Tha Feelstyle) - Good morning Samoa
Tiombe Lockhart - Mr Johnny Walker
DJ Spinna - Abyzmal
Rocket juice and the moon - Hey shooter
Frente cumbiero - Pitchito
Freqnik and WDRE - Funky fresh reggae
Jimmy London - I'm your puppet
In crowd - Mango walk
Natural yoghurt band - Voodoo
King Sunny Ade - Ja funmi
DLT - Chains - unreleased hiphop mix
KRS One - Step into a world
Trecherous three - Feel the heartbeat

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