Saturday, April 21, 2012

Jazzy Jeff once went record digging with Kenny Dope & Dilla.

One for Record Store Day, from Egotripland... "The “Crate Diggers” web series returns. This edition finds Fuse’s cameras focused on the record den/studio of the magnificent DJ Jazzy Jeff. As vinyl talk goes Jeff modestly maintains that he’s less of a hardcore collector than some.

Yet he’s still got stories like the one about that digging trip to Pittsburgh with Kenny Dope and JDilla when they bought so much stuff they could barely all fit in the car on the way home.

Or those recollections of how he never ate lunch through his high school years so he could save his lunch money for records. Or how thinking back to the time he threw out a bunch of records he was keeping at his moms’ house gives him stomach pains. 

Also included: some history of meeting Will Smith at a house party back when he and Jeff were just starting out."

WATCH: “Crate Diggers” – Rich Medina’s Vinyl Collection.
WATCH: “Crate Diggers” – Da Beatminerz’s Vinyl Collection.

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