Saturday, August 06, 2011

Ring The Alarm playlist, BaseFM, August 6

Blackbyrds - The runaway
Johnny Hammond - Star borne
Charles Wright and Watts 103rd st band - What can you bring me?
The Pharaohs - The Pharaohs love y'all
Sound dimension - Man pon spot
Tenor saw - Golden hen
Yami bolo - When a man's in love
Reggie Stepper - Cuh oonuh
Prince Jammy - 271 Utica dub
Quantic - TROY
Pucho and his latin soul brothers - Chitterlings con carne
Brass roots  -Good life
Booker T Jones - Down in Memphis
Bill Withers - Railroad man
Bobbi Humphrey - Please set me at ease
Charles Bradley - Why is it so hard?
Gizelle Smith and the mighty mocambos - Working woman - Kenny Dope main mix
The Silvertones - Tamborito swing
Keith Mansfield - Crash course
Colman bros - The Cheif - PTH interpol challenges remix
Dennis Coffey - Plutonius - Recloose re-dub
Ikebe shakedown - Kumani walk
The Jam - Town called malice
Miles Davis - Freddie boi - Applejuice Kid mix
Melvin Jackson - Funky skull pt 1
Chaka Khan - I feel for you
Keni Burke - Rising to the top - AliOOFT edit
Visioneers - Funk box
Mophono - The edge remix

Friday, August 05, 2011

Che Fu cops blame

Yesterday, Che Fu was in South Auckland and "...tweeted he had been locked in the nearby Te Wananga O Aotearoa as a gunman was on the loose and someone had been shot. Police said the tweet caused "a frenzy of misinformation".

"The tweet spread like wildfire and Police were inundated with calls from concerned members of the public and media outlets, literally within minutes," a police spokesperson says.  Source: Tweets incite panic.

Che Fu was interviewed by TV3 last night, and apologised for send out the message. "One of the best known names in Kiwi music is a little red faced tonight after mistakingly thinking he'd stumbled into a fatal shooting and tweeting about it." Not quite the full story...

After the item screened, Che responded via Twitter "Rude TV3, you edited out the part where I said one of the Tutors had told us about the shooting. Rats."

The outcome for the Police: see "South Auckland police join Twitter after 'fiasco'"

@ManukauPolice are now on Twitter  -they're not following Che Fu - yet. They're not following anyone, actually.

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Three strikes

"Think milk is expensive? How about a $15,000 fine… even if you yourself haven’t done anything wrong...."

Our new copyright law comes into effect on September 1. Copyright holders can starts collecting information on offenders from August 11 (21 days prior to the law taking effect). This means that if you have P2P software on your computer, you will most likely get caught. Best thing to do is delete it. 

InternetNZ have set up a very useful site ThreeStrikes, outlining what the new law means for you, and what it covers. Go have a read.

More info: From next week, P2P in New Zealand is illegal (explains how rights holders will track P2P/torrenting software and why it will be detected, even if you are not using it.)

excerpt.. "Apparently many rightsholders are using the BitTorrent DHT (distributed hash table) to find infringing users. This is terrible practice, because a BitTorrent client, simply by running (even if it has never downloaded or uploaded anything, let alone anything infringing), participates in the DHT and passes on information about which peer to get files from - and some of those files may be infringing.

A rightsholder using this method can't distinguish between clients simply participating in the DHT, and those actually sharing the file.

This applies to not just BitTorrent, but any other P2P software using a DHT, eg. eMule, LimeWire, BearShare, Shareaza, giFT clients..."

Rival reggae fest coming?

Raggamuffin Festival announced its first act for the 2012 event late July, ex UB40 singer Ali Campbell. They have billed him on their website under the headline "Ali Campbell's UB40 returns to NZ" which is somewhat misleading. There are not two different UB40's touring the world right now (like the three different versions of Slade that once toured).

Campbell left the band in 2008, and tours as a solo artist with band. There's some confusion in the media too, as this Google News search indicates, with the conflicting headlines "UB40 singer set for Raggamuffin" and "UB40 to play Raggamuffin 2012".

This morning Raggamuffin announced some more acts for 2012, including Billy Ocean, Marvin Priest, Big Mountain, The Wailers' Junior Marvin, Lucky Dube’s daughter Nkulee Dube, Kora, Three Houses Down, House of Shem, Cornerstone Roots, Sons of Zion, Sweet and Irie, Tomorrow People, Soljah, NRG Rising and Foundation, with DJs Sir-Vere, Poroufessor and Beau Zee. Still four more acts to be announced, including two internationals.

I did some searching on the Companies Office site and uncovered a company called Raggamuffin Festival Limited which was incorporated on the 5th of April 2011by Leesa Tilley, who quit working for Raggamuffin/Mcmanus in December last year.

The name Raggamuffin has previously been trademarked by Andrew McManus Presents NZ, a company which was put into liquidation by members of Herbs in March. There are currently two companies registered to use the name Raggamuffin for music events  - Andrew McManus Presents Pty Ltd, Australia, and Raggamuffin Festival Ltd, Tilley's company. They have both registered under slightly different classifications for the trademark, which is listed as 'under examination' by the Intellectual Property Office. 

Tilley registered her trademark on 4 April, McManus on 2 May. Could Tilley be planning to run a competing festival?

Previous posts: Herbs vs Raggamuffin (March 26 2011), Raggamuffin rumblings (Dec 8 2010)

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

JBrown & the Mic Smith EP

JBrown & the Mic Smith drop their debut EP, name your price. JBrown is the beatmaker/producer for Kolab, and The Mic Smith is a fella named Mikey Rockwell. Well tasty, soulful hiphop.