Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Pixie Williams

For The Record (The Pixie Williams Collection 1949-1951), out July 11.

Info from Amplifer.co.nz: "The stunning new digitally remastered collection of Pixie Williams' songs. Featuring 13 songs in total, including Williams much loved, and best known recording of Blue Smoke.

The sound quality of these recordings is outstanding! Pixie Williams' incredible voice can now be clearly heard, as can each instrument, brought together again in perfect harmony as if the band were performing, and being recorded today. Recorded 60-plus years ago, these songs have never sounded so good."

Read more about Pixie WIlliams here. Excerpt: "... Pixie Williams couldn’t read music but taught herself to play guitar, ukulele, the banjo and piano accordion. At age 73 she decided to teach herself the organ - for something to do. After the death of her husband in 2006, Pixie left Dunedin 57 years after stopping in on her holiday for a week or two.

Today, at the age of 82 , she lives in Wellington and still loves to sing, whistle and hum her way through each day.

“Music – it’s what keeps you going through good times and bad. It kept me sane in the hard times. Forget the pills. When you’ve got music in your life – you’ll be ok.” Pixie Williams

Random video pics, read the blurb on Youtube in the comments for explanation...

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