Saturday, April 13, 2019

Forty-Five: The Search For Soul

The twist in this film about digging is amusing... as Fleamarketfunk puts it "What’s really interesting about this documentary, is that it’s updated for modern times, and brings the argument (which goes on everyday in the DJ community in real life and within online communities), if you dig it up on
the internet, does it count as really digging it up?

"Clocking in just over ten minutes, this documentary follows Kansas City, MO DJ Johnny Starke aka Johnny 2Tone, as he goes on a search for forgotten (willfully and not willfully) soul records throughout thrift shops, record store, and the wherever old, dusty vinyl can be found."

From the film makers: "Are record collectors simply purveyors of popular culture or are they its greatest protectors?

The film Forty-Five: The Search for Soul, sets out to answer that question as we follow one DJ on a quest for black gold. For Johnny Starke digging through dusty thrift shop bins to find lost wax and forgotten sounds is not simply a hobby... It’s his chief obsession and his life’s work.

This is a film about record collecting and more importantly, it’s about saving forgotten pieces of popular culture and returning them to the turntable, the dance floor and ultimately back to their historical relevance.

Director Anthony Ladesich brings to life the story of one collector, one 45rpm record, and one song."

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