Sunday, May 20, 2018

New Sola Rosa EP drops

Features guest vocals from LA Mitchell, Kevin Mark Trail and Noah Slee.

“This EP I feel is like a bridge between our 2015 album MAGNETICS, which was quite synth and beats focused compared to where we are headed with the next album, which is more live instrument based. I felt these tracks needed to be released separately as they have their own voice in the Sola Rosa timeline,” says Soa Rosa main man Andrew Spraggon.

“I also love the remixes on this EP. Flytones are from Istanbul. I had been following them for a little while on Instagram. They post some really inspiring clips of their Dilla-esque, neo soul jams. I am also a huge fan of Canadian duo Potatohead People and their underground hit album BIG LUXURY on Bastard Jazz. It’s great to be able to reach out to producers I love and respect and collaborate”.

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