Friday, May 18, 2018

Blundetto new album out May 25

"A calm atmosphere that has enabled Blundetto to approach Slow Dance in a more solitary manner — very differently from preceding outings in which friends, family, and inspired collaborators all came to sing, to blow, to play keyboards... Always happy to let improvisation and happenstance make the difference, Blundetto focused his ears and spirit on what is a constant in his whole discography: the echo that one hears rather clearly in the musical mosaics that were Bad Bad Things (2009), Warm My Soul (2012), and World Of (2015), that is to say the Kingston sound responsible for so many of his emotions — reggae.

Rough up the roots, harden the vibe, digitalize dancehall, and fall headlong into soulful rocksteady beats driven by the perfect diction and inalterable voice of the legendary Ken Boothe — jolted all the while by super-fat bass lines and jungle dubs. The samplers stayed in their cases; this party was for instruments only, with Blundetto playing them all.

This fourth Blundetto album features guests like Biga Ranx, Dame, Jahdan Blakkamoore, Cornell Campbell, Little Harry, Biga, and Blackjoy.

With sounds that are rounder than usual, this album’s slow tempos don’t budge though everybody is running around all over the place like maniacs. Also, despite its apparent minimalism, rich detail is revealed to those who listen closely."

Out May 25, LP/CD/Digital

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