Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Sandy Mill single release bash

Sandy Mill has a diverse list of releases, collaborations, live and guest appearances as a vocalist, songwriter & percussionist here in NZ and the UK.

She has shared stages and studios with Spacesuit, Pitch Black, SJD, The Bellbirds, New Telepathics, Ghost Town, Basement Jaxx, Placebo & Flood amongst others. She's pulled together a cool band for this, featuring Milan Borich, Ben King, Dianne Swann, and Darryn Harkness.

Single release party at Golden Dawn, Thursday 15th February. get along!

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Brendon Ross said...

Working in retail hell at St Lukes Mall ECM Music in the mid-'90s was suddenly SO MUCH more fun when Sandy got hired. She was in Spacesuit then.
Caught up with her the other month after about 20 yrs (!!) and boy did she have the best stories... because of her personality and amazing voice she has lead one hell of a life with her music taking her all around... ask her about hanging with Doc Scott, helping Mr Nasty Habits negotiate a long staircase that seem to be moving of it's own accord.
Cooler than cool lady... I have to move back to Aktown, Thames just doesn't get the good gigs... we probably have better bowling and bingo though hashtag old fucking people!