Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Estere - Rent

 "I don't need to ask nobody else to know deep down, I'm doing well..."

PR blurb: "In a society that values material possessions as a measurement of success, how do we rebuild the meaning of ‘ownership’ to give true power?

Singer-songwriter, producer and social anthropologist, Estère encourages us to think about the preceding question in her hyper-percussive new track 'Rent'.

This new track is accompanied by a stunning self-choreographed video, which sees Estère twist her way around various physical obstacles, including an army of pink pastel doors. The effortless and entrancing new clip was filmed in the lush surroundings of the Waitakere Ranges, and was directed by Alexander Gandar (Humans) and produced by Billie Ruck.

'Rent' is the first taste of whats to come from Part Two of Estere's forthcoming double album, My Design, On Others' Lives. The two-part work is due for release on Friday 27th April, and will be available on CD, vinyl and all digital platforms."

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