Monday, July 24, 2017

Auckland's LAP result

The Auckland Council's Local Alcohol Policy made a signficiant step late last week, with the outcome of appeals. This news via Dance Til Dawn (a lobby group for club culture):

"Result! The decision in the Auckland Local Alcohol Policy appeals case was released yesterday (July 19). We are happy to announce that Auckland CBD closing times will remain at 4am and one-way doors/lockouts will NOT be implemented.

In rejecting the appeals which sought to close venues earlier The Authority has given some hope and surety to late night music culture in Auckland. There is significant cultural value in cities having a vibrant music scene and they should be encouraged, not punished in pursuit of reducing alcohol harms caused elsewhere.

We know that the vast majority of alcohol harm (even in the CBD) is not the result of those who enjoy electronic music and having policies which effectively blamed them/us would have been unjust outcome. So this is the correct result and hopefully marks an equitable outcome to a very long consultation and appeals journey.

The written evidence of Dance Till Dawn will be made available soon for anyone interested in how we were involved in the appeals case."

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