Saturday, August 08, 2015

Ring The Alarm playlist, August 8

Melvin Jackson - Funky skull
Mar-keys -Last night
Erma Franklin - Sweetest feeling
Sidney  Barnes - You'll always be in style
Chubby Checker  -You just don't know
Bill Deal and the Rhondels - What kind of fool do you think I am
Ron Moody and the Centaurs  - The new breed
Rose Mitchell - Baby please don't go
Little Stevie and Jay Dust Smith - Uptight
Lee Thompson ska orchestra - Fun Man Chu
Ticklah - Descent
Chosen Few - I love the way you love
The Studio Sound - Give me some more
James Brown  - Get up, get into it, get involved
Sugarman 3 - Cherry pickin
Binky Griptite and the Mellowmatics - The stroll part 2
Wayne McGhie and the sounds of joy - Fire (she need water)
Criminal element orchestra - Put the needle on the record
B52s - Planet Claire
Stranglers - Walk on by
Grace Jones - She's lost control
Angela Bofill - People make the world go round
Pittsburgh Phil - Total electric
R Dean Taylor - There's a ghost in my house
Mighty Hannibal - Good time
Barbara George - I know
The Apollas - Pretty red balloons
Eddie Kendricks - Keep on truckin
Recloose live band - Racetrack in France
Gene Dudley group - Inspector Norse
Nina Simone -Taking care of business - Pilooski edit
Lord Echo  -Bohemian idol - DJ Day chairbro remix
Rhythm force - Clap, children
Scientist meets crazy Mad Professor - Wondering drifter dub

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